Blue Hour at the St Joseph Pier

Untitled, photo by Spencer D Hughes If you want to take a look at the Pier from the beach, check out the St Joseph webcam. Have a great weekend everyone!! View Spencer’s photo bigger and see more of his awesome St Joseph photos. Some seriously cool ice shots in there. PS: Here’s a link to more … Continue reading Blue Hour at the St Joseph Pier

St Joseph Outer & Inner Pier Lighthouses

St Joseph Sunset, photo by PhotoJacko We’ve all been seeing a bunch of photos from the frozen St. Joseph Pier, so I thought it would be good to give you a little primer about which is which. It took a little digging, but Dave Wobster at has the best info on St. Joseph North … Continue reading St Joseph Outer & Inner Pier Lighthouses

Above St. Joseph Pier

Above St. Joseph Pier by Christopher Kierkus. He shares: “We photogs are a little nuts … especially scary is walking the little “ice path” around the inner light to get to the outer part. One slip up there and you’re in the soup!”

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

Lighthouse, photo by jleemaster11. St. Joseph's North Pier Lights from Tiscornia Beach in early May of 2006. Travel Michigan links to St. Joseph Old Main Lighthouse at the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy (which links in turn to this Lighthouses of the Western Great Lakes from Terry Pepper). I hope everyone gets a chance to get out … Continue reading St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

Langely Covered Bridge is Michigan’s longest

Langley Covered Bridge, Centreville, Michigan, photo by bill.d Bill writes this of the Langely Covered Bridge over the St. Joseph River, a Michigan Registered Historic Site: This is the longest of Michigan’s few remaining covered bridges. It is 282 feet long with three, 94-foot spans of the Howe-truss construction. The bridge was built in 1887 … Continue reading Langely Covered Bridge is Michigan’s longest

St. Joseph Lighthouse

St. Joseph Lighthouses, photo by KentV999. The page on the St. Joseph Pier Lights from Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light says that while the first lighthouse in St. Joseph is thought to be in the home of Captain Pickering in 1832, where the family put lanterns in their windows so ships would know where the … Continue reading St. Joseph Lighthouse

100 years of Lake Michigan at South Haven Pier Lighthouse

Late October on Lake Michigan, photo by micstolz. Michael notes that even 100 years of Lake Michigan waves can’t put out the South Haven Light. He has several more in his South Haven Oct 26 2008 set (slideshow) – all uploaded “background big”. You might also want to check out the South Haven Light slideshow … Continue reading 100 years of Lake Michigan at South Haven Pier Lighthouse