#TBT Hepatica

Hepatica by d charvat Here’s a Throwback Thursday from way back in April of 2011. Wikipedia says that Hepatica was named for its leaves, which, like the human liver (Greek hepar), have three lobes. It was once used as a medicinal herb. Owing to the doctrine of signatures, the plant was thought an effective treatment for liver disorders. … Continue reading #TBT Hepatica

TBT: Elberta Beach Hang Gliding Heydays

Elberta Beach During the Hang Gliding Heydays Here’s a post I shared way back in November of 2010. Apologies to all of you with photographic memories! ;)  Jim shared:  Not a lot of beach that year (and the water was high), so there was not a lot of room to land! Then you had to … Continue reading TBT: Elberta Beach Hang Gliding Heydays

#TBT A Blue Like No Other: Why are robin eggs blue?

A Blue Like No Other by Jamie MacDonald Here’s a Throwback Thursday from April of 2009 in honor of Spring, which I hear is still happening. The resource on the initial post is no longer online, so I dug up this post from The Spruce explaining why robin eggs are blue: The color of an … Continue reading #TBT A Blue Like No Other: Why are robin eggs blue?

TBT: Columns of Ice at the Eben Ice Cave

Columns of Ice, Eben Ice Cave, photo by John Clement Howe. EDITOR’S NOTE: With the rise of coronavirus, it seems to me that we could all use a little reconnection with our lovely state of Michigan, so I’m going to try to dig out some old photos and share some new ones to help keep you … Continue reading TBT: Columns of Ice at the Eben Ice Cave

#TBT Spring Storm on Superior

Spring Storm on Superior, photo by Greg Kretovic Here’s a great Throwback Thursday of big waves on Lake Superior back on Friday, April 19 of 2013 at the Black Rocks in Marquette’s Presque Isle Park. Lots more of Greg’s Lake Superior photos right here and more Lake Superior pics on Michigan in Pictures too!

#TBT Miners Castle Loses a Turret

Freezing, photo by Lars Jensen Here’s a throwback Thursday post with an article originally published April 14, 2006 on Absolute Michigan… The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore reports that one of the two turrets on Miner’s Castle is no more: On Thursday morning, April 13, 2006, the northeast turret of Miners Castle collapsed. One turret remains on … Continue reading #TBT Miners Castle Loses a Turret