An apple a day … plus bacon

Harvest Time by Jim Sorbie Hour Detroit shared a pretty amazing looking recipe from Zingerman’s Roadhouse for Bacon Fried Apple Cobbler that looks pretty darned incredible. I thought I’d share the link here in case anyone wants to join me in a little gratuitous assault on your arteries. Have a great weekend folks! Jim took … Continue reading An apple a day … plus bacon

Today’s the Day for the Michigan Apple Crunch!

apples, photo by Diane Greene Lent A Healthier Michigan is a pretty cool blog with some state-specific tips for better health. Their post on the annual  Michigan’s Apple Crunch Day (Thursday, October 13)  says that every October, schools, organizations, and businesses bite into Michigan apples on the same day, setting records for apples eaten. It’s a … Continue reading Today’s the Day for the Michigan Apple Crunch!

#TBT: Apple Island in Orchard Lake

Apple Island Aerial, photo via MSU Michigan History Student Publication I was fascinated with the Farmer’s Almanac weather history tool this morning, so I went looking for notable Michigan happenings on June 18th… Wikipedia’s Apple Island entry says that this 35-acre island was formed during the region’s last ice age (10,000 to 12,000 years ago) and lies … Continue reading #TBT: Apple Island in Orchard Lake

Rotten Apples: 2014 Detroit Lions Playoff Edition

The Rotten Apples, photo by Joel Dinda If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, you’re probably more than a bit dazed by yesterday’s game which had the Lions on the verge of winning their first playoff game in 23 years. Mitch Albom has a column that details the stunning turn of events as the door closed on … Continue reading Rotten Apples: 2014 Detroit Lions Playoff Edition

Rosy 2014 Michigan Apple Forecast!

Bounty, photo by Bob Gudas The Freep reports that Michigan is forecasting a crop of almost 29 million bushels of apples in 2014: This year’s estimate is just under the record 30 million bushels that were picked last year. The yield in 2013 was so robust that some of the state’s growers and packers, most of … Continue reading Rosy 2014 Michigan Apple Forecast!

Michigan Apples Bounce Back!

Red McIntosh apples, photo by vostok71 The Detroit Free Press writes that Michigan apples are back – and in a big way. This year’s harvest could be one of the largest Michigan has ever seen, the Michigan Apple Committee said Friday after the U.S. Apple Association released its estimate for Michigan’s 2013 apple crop. The … Continue reading Michigan Apples Bounce Back!

Apples on the Ridge push through Mothers Day frost

empire apple tree blossoming, photo by Alissa Holland NPR’s Noah Adams visited “The Ridge” to see how the apple crop was faring in 2013 after the devastation of 2012. The engaging 4 minute piece looks at methods they use to battle frost and how last year’s 99% wipeout hurt farmers. It’s well worth your time, … Continue reading Apples on the Ridge push through Mothers Day frost

The biggest apple in Michigan … and the smallest crop

Biggest apple in Michigan. Wolf River apple. 1996, photo by vostok71 Orange Pippin says that the Wolf River apple (first discovered along the river of the same name in Wisconsin) is: A well-known American cooking apple, notable for its large size. Wolf River is mainly used for cooking, and it keeps its shape when cooked. … Continue reading The biggest apple in Michigan … and the smallest crop

MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples!

MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples….., photo by rowrlm. While our cool fall has been rough on some farmers, it has produced one of the best years for apples in Michigan history! Michigan apples, not only delicious but prized on Absolute Michigan has a ton of apple information (including a new Honeycrisp apple hybrid). You can also check out … Continue reading MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples!