Today is National Pie Day!

National Pie Day ~ January 23, 2012, photo by Trish P. – K1000 Gal Today (Wednesday, January 23rd) is National Pie Day. A whole day just for pie? The Pure Michigan Blog explains: Created by the American Pie Council, ‘Pie Day’ is dedicated to celebrating America’s love of pie. And in Pure Michigan, we know and … Continue reading Today is National Pie Day!

What’s in a Name? Tahquamenon Falls edition

Tahquamenon Falls, photo by AndrewH324 We’ll close out Waterfall Week on Michigan in Pictures with this photo that has been the cover photo on the Absolute Michigan Facebook all week. Here’s hoping that you get a chance to enjoy one of Michigan’s nearly 200 waterfalls soon! With a drop of nearly 50 feet, a width … Continue reading What’s in a Name? Tahquamenon Falls edition

Michigan Blueberries are ready for market!

Michigan Blueberries, photo by Mi Bob. Taste the Local Difference has a nice feature on Michigan Blueberries that says (in part): Native Americans gathered blueberries for centuries, and much folklore developed around them, as they were considered a highly valuable food source. The elders of a tribe would tell the story of how the Great … Continue reading Michigan Blueberries are ready for market!

Michigan Blues: Blueberries that is!

38.5 pounds of love, photo by sethrt. Every week, Taste the Local Difference posts an article with facts, lore and recipes for foods that grow in Northern Michigan. As a bonus, they have many posts from previous years in their Ready to Pick archive so that folks downstate who are already picking (I’m looking at … Continue reading Michigan Blues: Blueberries that is!