Cougar Cam Confirmation

Confirmed Cougar, photo by the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club It was just a few years ago that the Michigan DNR vehemently denied the presence of cougars in Michigan, but things have definitely changed. Regarding this photo taken November 1st by an automatic trail cam in the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club (located near Engadine in the southern Upper Peninsula), the … Continue reading Cougar Cam Confirmation

More Michigan Cougar Photos Verified

November 11, 2012 Upper Peninsula Cougar, photo courtesy Michigan DNR The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced yesterday that three recent trail camera photos of cougars in the Upper Peninsula have been verified by the DNR: Two of the photos, both of a cougar with a radio collar, were taken in October in Menominee County … Continue reading More Michigan Cougar Photos Verified

Photographic Proof of the Michigan Cougar!

Marquette County Cougar, photo by Michigan Wildlife Conservancy A trail cam in southern Marquette County operated by the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy (MWC) recently captured the above photo of a cougar. Dr. Patrick Rusz, Director of Wildlife Programs for the MWC and retired DNR forester Michael Zuidema verified the trail camera’s location on a well-worn wildlife trail atop a wooded … Continue reading Photographic Proof of the Michigan Cougar!

Michigan Cougar Photo Evidence

Menominee County Cougar, June 2010, photo courtesy Michigan DNRE The Michigan Natural Resources and Environment reports that a trail camera photo from Menominee County on May 26th is likely a cougar: “This is the first confirmed cougar picture in Menominee County. We appreciate the cooperation of the caller who shared the photograph and contacted the … Continue reading Michigan Cougar Photo Evidence

Leelanau County Cougar Photos

Leelanau County Cougar photos, photo by Dr. Jerome Wiater. These photos were taken by Dr. Jerome Wiater and appear courtesy the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy. Check these out bigger, read the report from the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy and read more at Michigan Cougar Confirmation? Leelanau photos seem to say “Yes” on You can read more … Continue reading Leelanau County Cougar Photos

Michigan town says NO to tigers

I Said No! by Joe Gazzarato A few weeks back, the Port Huron News-Herald reported that the town of Marysville, Michigan has banned a long list of animals as pets including badgers, cougars, coyotes, kangaroos, pheasants, and even tigers. Apologies for the delay in reporting & please adjust your pet plans accordingly. 😉 Joe took … Continue reading Michigan town says NO to tigers

Roseate Spoonbill in Michigan

Roseate Spoonbill in Michigan by Bill VanderMolen The Detroit Free Press reports that bird-watchers are flocking to Saline in hopes of seeing this rare roseate spoonbill: This is the first record of a roseate spoonbill in Michigan, said Molly Keenan, communications and marketing coordinator at Michigan Audubon in an email to the Free Press. Michigan … Continue reading Roseate Spoonbill in Michigan

Waterfall Wednesday: Kakabika Falls

Kakabika Falls on the Ontonagon River in Michigan’s UP by Tom Clark The Waterfall Record says that Kakabika Falls: …is a series of small drops that adds up to a larger total. None of the drops are really that big. The largest drop might be 10′ at most (across a distance). So if you’re really … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Kakabika Falls

Lynx rufus, Bobcat in Michigan

It’s feeling like Wild Kingdom week at Michigan in Pictures. An update on the eagle nest from yesterday is that one of the eggs is now an eaglet – click to view!! Close Encounter…, photo by Dale DeVries Dale writes that this close encounter was… Of the Kitty Cat kind! Around dusk last night I saw the … Continue reading Lynx rufus, Bobcat in Michigan