Happy Birthday, St Helena

St Helena Light by Joel Dinda On September 20th way back in 1873, the beacon of the the St. Helena Island Lighthouse was lit for the first time. CMU’s Clarke Historical Library explains: Because several ships had been wrecked on the dangerous shoals near the island of St. Helena in 1872, Congress authorized construction of … Continue reading Happy Birthday, St Helena

White Shoal Light & Terry Pepper

White Shoal Light by Joel Dinda Terry Pepper was almost certainly the greatest champion ever for the lighthouses of the Great Lakes. Although he passed in 2019, his Seeing the Light website remains as a fantastic resource for the lighthouses of the western Great Lakes. The White Shoal Lighthouse entry says (in part, because these … Continue reading White Shoal Light & Terry Pepper

Back into the Woods Day 2020!

Sandstone Creek Ravine by Joel Dinda If you’re like me & love to hike, the two weeks of deer season put a little damper on your outdoor fun. Years ago, I proposed December 1st be designated a holiday so a very happy “Back into the Woods Day” to you all! Joel took this photo at … Continue reading Back into the Woods Day 2020!

Trees, Reflected

Trees Reflected by Joel Dinda Here’s a lovely shot from the Maple River State Game Area which: …is mid-Michigan’s largest contiguous wetland complex, an extensive area of floodplains, lowlands, and marshes along the Maple River that begins in Gratiot County and spills into Clinton County … Hiking opportunities are available in the East Unit, however. … Continue reading Trees, Reflected

A flower a day for February: Lily

Lily, photo by Joel Dinda Joel’s Flower a Day for February project began with a flower a day for January of 2006 2013 and then (because February usually isn’t warm enough to grow lilies) moved to February for 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. View the photo background bigilicious and see more in Joel’s A Flower a Day for February … Continue reading A flower a day for February: Lily

After the Blizzard of 1967 on Kalamazoo’s March Street Hill

March Street Hill, Kalamazoo, photo by Joel Dinda Joel shared these 50-year-old photographs from Michigan’s January 1967 blizzard. They were taken by his father after the snow stopped falling on January 27th. Seeking Michigan has a feature that looks back on two late January blizzards in 1967 & 1978: The 1967 blizzard fell on January 26 and 27, … Continue reading After the Blizzard of 1967 on Kalamazoo’s March Street Hill

January 5th with Joel

Lilies, photo by Joel Dinda This morning I got a note from one of Michigan in Pictures’s longtime contributors, Joel Dinda letting me know that I had coincidentally featured his photos twice on previous January 5ths. The other two were Rotten Apples: 2014 Detroit Lions Playoff Edition detailing the Lions’ loss to Dallas after the pass … Continue reading January 5th with Joel

Port Crescent in Michigan’s Thumb

The Port Crescent Smokestack, photo by Joel Dinda One of the blogs I enjoy reading is ThumbWind, a blog about (you guessed it) Michigan’s Thumb. In A Ghost Town in the Thumb they tell the story of the town of Port Crescent that was within what is now Port Crescent State Park: Walter Hume established … Continue reading Port Crescent in Michigan’s Thumb

Happy Birthday, Tiger Stadium

Michigan and Trumbull, photo by Joel Dinda Over on Absolute Michigan there’s a feature entitled 100 (plus) years at Tiger Stadium. It has a ton of photos and links including this excellent column written four years ago by Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports about the 100th anniversary of Tiger Stadium passing relatively unnoticed: Tiger Stadium opened on the same … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Tiger Stadium