#TBT Jungle Love in Prehistoric Michigan

Jungle Love, photo by Matt Stangis The Rapidian has a feature on prehistoric Michigan’s tropical seas, jungles and inhabitants that’s a great read and the ultimate Throwback Thursday! Here’s a small slice: After about 60 million years, warm, shallow seas came down again from the Arctic and covered Michigan during the Silurian period. At this … Continue reading #TBT Jungle Love in Prehistoric Michigan

Judas Carp

Club Carp, photo by docksidepress Judas test: Will carp betray their own? on the Great Lakes Echo says that University of Minnesota researchers are working to put a new tool in the arsenal of those seeking to thwart the voracious and invasive Asian carp. The researchers are fitting common carp, or “Judas fish,” with transmitters … Continue reading Judas Carp


Chillin’, photo by docksidepress. It’s been a long time since I added to the Michigan in Pictures Duckie Project. It’s been so hot that I think I want to join that little guy in the pool! View this background bigtacular or in Matt’s August ’10 Grand Rapids slideshow. Hope you’re finding ways to chill – … Continue reading Chillin’

Michigan Events in April are Dillys

Dillys, photo by docksidepress. “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” ~Mark Twain Every month Absolute Michigan posts a Michigan Event Calendar, and the month of April is no exception. In addition to Tax Day (boo!), Earth Day (yay!), Opening Day (Monday!) … Continue reading Michigan Events in April are Dillys

The Ford Rotunda

The Ford Rotunda – Dearborn, Michigan, photographer unknown Michigan in Pictures regular Matt passed an email about the Ford Rotunda along that had some cool pictures I thought folks would like to see. When flames consumed a Christmas fantasy from the Detroit News Rearview Mirror begins: From 1936 to 1962, the gear-shaped Ford Rotunda attracted … Continue reading The Ford Rotunda

Will Shoe Be Mine?

Will Shoe Be Mine?, photo by docksidepress. Someone stole my cookies, but fortunately Matt takes his funny Valentines seriously. He suggests you view it on black and I suggest you also view it in his very un-GLUM Winter GLUM 2009 show. I hope that those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day have a day filled … Continue reading Will Shoe Be Mine?

Ultimate Fishing Early Risers Edition presents: What’s your favorite Michigan fish?

Early Risers, photo by docksidepress. The Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit gave me a few tickets to give away. The show is about fishing trips, boats and gear and it happens January 8-11, 2008 in Novi. I figured I should offer some over here on Michigan in Pictures, so here’s the deal: Post a comment … Continue reading Ultimate Fishing Early Risers Edition presents: What’s your favorite Michigan fish?