Eagle River, Keweenaw County

Eagle River-Keweenaw County by Kirt E. Carter Kirt took this photo of the Eagle River with an ONDU 6×9 Pinhole with Ilford Pan F developed in Rodinal 1:50. You can see lots more through his Flickr & check out kirtecarterfineartphotography.com for other photos along with his writings about how he shoots these stunning pics & … Continue reading Eagle River, Keweenaw County

Brunching with Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle with Cargo, photo by Jeff Dehmel Jeff took this shot last weekend in Milford’s Kensington Metropark. If you’re looking for an alternative to Saturday morning cartoons for kids & adults alike, the CarbonTV Eagle Cam at the Platte River Fish Hatchery in Benzie County has returned for 2017. While it’s a lot of … Continue reading Brunching with Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle Rescue by Wings of Wonder

via leelanau.com… Bald Eagle Rescue, photo by Ken Scott Photography Wings of Wonder is a non-profit raptor sanctuary located in Empire, Michigan that focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of birds of prey and also in educating people on their role in the natural world. Last weekend, WOW founder & director Rebecca Lessard led a very … Continue reading Bald Eagle Rescue by Wings of Wonder

Platte River Bald Eagle Nest Cam

Michigan Eagle Cam, photo via Carbon TV Carbon and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources are collaborating on a cool webcam of a nesting pair of bald eagles in Benzie County. mLive explains: Cameras are pointed at a pair of nesting bald eagles in residence at the Platte River State Fish Hatchery. The large nest is … Continue reading Platte River Bald Eagle Nest Cam

Eaglet Morning

Eaglets, photos by Kevin Povenz The State of Michigan’s page on Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) says in part: When bald eagles reach maturity (at four to five years of age), they select a mate, with whom they probably mate for life. In captivity, they have been known to live to 50 years, but in the … Continue reading Eaglet Morning

Fireproof? Michigan’s bald eagles full of flame retardants

Bald Eagle, photo by Kevin Povenz Sorry. I like to start the weekend on a better note usually, I hope you have a good one. Environmental Health News recently ran a story bluntly titled Michigan’s bald eagles full of flame retardants. It says (in part): Michigan’s bald eagles are among the most contaminated birds on the planet when … Continue reading Fireproof? Michigan’s bald eagles full of flame retardants

Home Improvement: Bald Eagle Edition

Nest Building, photo by Kevin Povenz Kevin took this shot of a bald eagle building a nest in late December near the Grand River in Ottawa County. The State of Michigan’s page on bald eagles says (in part): During Michigan winters, bald eagles are seen throughout the state (almost all counties), while they nest mainly in … Continue reading Home Improvement: Bald Eagle Edition

Bald Eagle in Michigan

Eagle turning, photo by Deirdre Honner I think this is one of the best bald eagle photos I’ve ever seen. The Michigan DNR’s bald eagle page explains that before European settlement, bald eagles probably nested in all regions of Michigan. In the early 1900s they were described as being “generally distributed,” but “nowhere abundant.” A … Continue reading Bald Eagle in Michigan

Eagle River Falls, actually

DSC_3761_edited-1.jpg, photo by Bearcats Photography Only the second day of Waterfall Week on Michigan in Pictures and already I have egg on my face … maybe all those waterfalls can wash it off. An alert commenter noted that this waterfall is not Jacobs Falls but actually nearby Eagle River Falls. GoWaterfalling fortunately has the 411 … Continue reading Eagle River Falls, actually