Ring of Fire Eclipse on Thursday

Sunset during a partial solar eclipse by Diane The naming of astronomical events has certainly gotten cooler in recent years, and Thursday morning’s “Ring of Fire” annular eclipse certainly reflects that trend! WOOD-TV explains that on June 10th Michiganders will be able to view this year’s first solar eclipse: Unlike a total solar eclipse, which … Continue reading Ring of Fire Eclipse on Thursday

Lunar Eclipse coming January 20th!

October 8, 2014 Lunar Eclipse, photo by David Marvin On Sunday night we have a chance to see the last total lunar eclipse until May 26, 2021! EarthSky shares information about viewing the lunar eclipse: On January 20-21, we’ll have the first full moon of 2019, and the first lunar eclipse of 2019 (and this … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse coming January 20th!

Watching the August 21st solar eclipse in Michigan

The solar eclipse will be visible in Michigan on Monday, Aug 21, 2017 so in the interests of maximal eclipse enjoyment, I’m publishing this special Sunday Michigan in Pictures! Solar Eclipse May 21st 2012, photo by John Kennedy The brighter stars and the planets come out. Animals change their behavior. Birds and squirrels nest. Cows return … Continue reading Watching the August 21st solar eclipse in Michigan

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Super Blood Moon 09/27/2015, photo by Alex Thorpe While clouds marred much of this rare total eclipse of a perigee moon aka super moon, there were places & times that worked. Check out this gallery of eclipse photos from Fox 17 viewers and definitely share yours and others you find on the Michigan in Pictures … Continue reading Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Harvest Moon Eclipse Sunday Night

Harvest Moon over Cornfield, photo by Kevin NASA Science reminds us that this Sunday night (Sep 27) and into the early hours of Monday, the full Harvest Moon will glide through the shadow of Earth, turning the Harvest Moon a golden-red color akin to autumn leaves: The action begins at 9:07 PM Eastern Time on … Continue reading Harvest Moon Eclipse Sunday Night

The Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014

Solar Eclipse – October 23, 2014, photo by David Marvin Although the clouds didn’t want to cooperate, David got a few shots of yesterday’s solar eclipse. See this one background big and click to his slideshow for more. More eclipse photos on Michigan in Pictures. And speaking of eclipses, check out this awesome time lapse of the October 8 Blood … Continue reading The Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014

October’s Full Moon: a super Hunter’s Blood Moon in eclipse

sandhill moon, photo by Frank Kaelin EarthSky reports that for the full moon on October 8th, there’s a whole lot going on! In skylore, the Northern Hemisphere’s Hunter’s Moon on October 7-8 will be called a Blood Moon. Plus the October 7-8 total lunar eclipse – the second of four total lunar eclipses in the … Continue reading October’s Full Moon: a super Hunter’s Blood Moon in eclipse

Photos of the Tax Day Eclipse in Michigan

Tax Day Eclipse, photo by Kevin Here in Traverse City, the weather thoughtfully brought us snow because, well, April, amiright? Thankfully, others were not so unfortunate. If Michigan in Pictures had a house astronomer, it would certainly be Kevin, and thankfully he wasn’t so unlucky. He writes: The full moon of April lies fully eclipsed in the Earth’s … Continue reading Photos of the Tax Day Eclipse in Michigan