Holga: Lake Erie

Holga: Lake Erie, photo by Matt Callow. Matt took this shot of an ice-locked Lake Erie 4 years ago. A check of Great Lakes Coastwatch shows that there’s still considerable ice on Lake Erie! You can see it bigger in his Holga slideshow. Many more Holga camera shots – including another one from this location … Continue reading Holga: Lake Erie

Holga from Marianne Priest

Untitled, photo by Marianne Priest Marianne Priest is a self taught photographer living in northern lower Michigan who got her first camera in the late 90s, She’s developed her style through reading, trial and error, and the great talent and wisdom of friends who have helped and inspired her. One of those friends, Mark O’Brien, … Continue reading Holga from Marianne Priest

stony creek, barny holga, welcome to Holgaland

2006.10.15 – stony creek – barny holga, photo by ercy ercy relates that this is a cross-processed holga; scanned print with no post processing. She also says that she just loves holgas for their dreaminess and vivid color. I think you will just love her holga*land set (slideshow). We’ve seen a number of Holga images … Continue reading stony creek, barny holga, welcome to Holgaland

A Holga, Lake Erie and Sterling State Park

Holga: Lake Erie, photo by Matt Callow. I wavered back and forth between this one and Matt’s other photo of ice on Lake Erie. The photo was taken at Sterling State Park between Monroe & Detroit Beach, and Matt has helpfully placed it on a map. Wikipedia says that William C. Sterling State Park is: … Continue reading A Holga, Lake Erie and Sterling State Park

Holga Tower Detroit

Last one of the Holga Tower, photo by G0Da. G0Da likes water towers and his holga. For those who may not know just what the heck a “holga” is, here’s the Lomographic Society International’s explanation of the Holga: Did you think your eyes were open? I’m afraid to say that until this very moment they … Continue reading Holga Tower Detroit

Happy Accidents at Van Buren Dunes

van buren dunes beach- holga, photo by EllenJo. Is it cruel or welcome to post photos like this in February? Please discuss below… EllenJo writes that because her hands were wet it was hard to advance the film, so she ended up with some cool “happy accidents” like this. Check this out bigger in her … Continue reading Happy Accidents at Van Buren Dunes

An old couple at the Thoreson Farm

Untitled, photo by jenny murray. The Thoreson Farm page at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore says that the John Thoreson and Ingeborg Sakariasdatte emigrated from Norway in 1877. Although they crossed the Atlantic on the same boat, family lore has it that they never really met on the boat. Ingeborg resided with the higher-priced … Continue reading An old couple at the Thoreson Farm