Blue Ice at the Mackinac Bridge

Blue Ice by Julie Julie shares: Rode up to Mackinaw yesterday and checked out the blue ice. Huge chunks and most phenomenal. The ice, however, is not actually turning blue. The color is a result of the way sunlight is bouncing off this particular ice. Sometimes, weather conditions — such as a lack of high … Continue reading Blue Ice at the Mackinac Bridge

Pancake Ice

Pancake Ice by Julie This is one of the best shots I’ve seen showing how the structure of pancake ice is basically “round iceberg”. The Weather Channel explains the science behind pancake ice: The circular slabs you see can range anywhere from one to 10 feet in diameter and up to four inches thick, typically … Continue reading Pancake Ice

Winter is beautiful at the Eben Ice Caves

Eben Ice cave in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Tom Clark One of Michigan’s awesome winter features are the Eben Ice Caves in the Hiawatha National Forest. They explain that the Eben Ice Caves are located within the Rock River Canyon Wilderness (RRCW) which: …includes approximately 4,700 acre (7.5 sq mile) and was designated in the … Continue reading Winter is beautiful at the Eben Ice Caves

Happy Solstice & Winter

Happy Solstice and Winter by Dale DeVries The Winter Solstice which marks the beginning on winter in the Northern Hemisphere officially happened at 5:02 am this morning. As you may know, the two largest planets Jupiter & Saturn will appear at their closest point since 1623 and the closest observable conjunction since 1226  just after … Continue reading Happy Solstice & Winter

Summer Solstice Saturday in 2020

Buttercups and Barn by Jamie MacDonald reminds us that summer will officially arrive today (Saturday, June 20) with the summer solstice at 5:43:32 PM: At the moment of the solstice, the sun will appear to be shining directly overhead for a point on the Tropic of Cancer (latitude 23.5 degrees north) in the central … Continue reading Summer Solstice Saturday in 2020

TBT: Columns of Ice at the Eben Ice Cave

Columns of Ice, Eben Ice Cave, photo by John Clement Howe. EDITOR’S NOTE: With the rise of coronavirus, it seems to me that we could all use a little reconnection with our lovely state of Michigan, so I’m going to try to dig out some old photos and share some new ones to help keep you … Continue reading TBT: Columns of Ice at the Eben Ice Cave

Blue Ice at Bay City

Bay City Blue Ice, photo by Great Lakes Drone Works Great Lakes Drone Works captured some awesome shots from the ice on Saginaw Bay near Bay City. They write: We made our way out to Bay City State Park to capture some images of these huge chunks of ice. At first we were hoping drone photos … Continue reading Blue Ice at Bay City

Firing up the Polar Vortex Ice Cave Hype Machine

Ice Cave Evening, photo by Mark Miller via who write: It’s a frosty 3 degrees in Leland with winds whipping powdery snow around and more single digits & high winds driving wind chills far below zero coming over the next couple of days. That’s not optimal for driving, and schools across the county are … Continue reading Firing up the Polar Vortex Ice Cave Hype Machine