Would the Loch Ness Monster be considered an invasive species?

The Loch Ness Monster, photo by Eridony. Because the Emerald Ash Borer isn’t very photogenic, we’re taking a break from Invasive Species Week to bring you a reminder of another kind of invasion that’s about to descend on Michigan: the fabulous Grand Rapids ArtPrize! 2009 brought all kinds of incredible sights to the city, including … Continue reading Would the Loch Ness Monster be considered an invasive species?

Invasive Species in Michigan

Shell Cluster, photo by johndecember. All week we’re going to be featuring invasive species – who they are, what they’re doing to our lakes & land and how folks are working to stop them. See the articles as we post them on Absolute MichiganMichigan in Pictures and ! I actually already blogged this photo to … Continue reading Invasive Species in Michigan

Invasive Menace of the Day: Round Goby

must be exterminated, photo by Kasey Carroll. Kasey writes: About ten seconds after I caught this, my fiancee’s uncle beat it repeatedly against the side of the boat. He said that it was an “intruder from outer waters and it must be exterminated because it eats all the perch eggs in Lake Eerie.” I’m sorry … Continue reading Invasive Menace of the Day: Round Goby

Fox Kit Friday

Fox Kit, photo by David Marvin Spring is also baby animal season in Michigan, so here’s a little about baby foxes and what to do if you encounter one from Friends of Wildlife in Ann Arbor: There are two species of fox in Michigan, the Red and the Gray. The Red prefer meadow areas and … Continue reading Fox Kit Friday

$1 Million Asian Carp Challenge

Fish On, photo by Terry Murphy ABC News reports that the State of Michigan is turning to the public for new ideas and plans to offer a prize to whoever comes up with a way to stop the voracious Asian carp: Michigan’s global search challenge comes after the U.S. government and others have spent hundreds … Continue reading $1 Million Asian Carp Challenge

Tragic Tree Tuesday: Beech Scale & Beech Bark Disease

Twined Trees at Treat Farm, photo by Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore “A glooming peace this morning with it brings; The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head: Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things; Some shall be pardon’d, and some punished: For never was a story of more woe Than this … Continue reading Tragic Tree Tuesday: Beech Scale & Beech Bark Disease

This salmon is going up. The salmon population in Lake Michigan is headed the other way!

EDITOR’S NOTE: It looked for a minute that we had another Turtlegate brewing and that this might not be a Chinook but a brown trout. Read more in the comments on Facebook. Up & Over……….., photo by Julie The Detroit Free Press reports that the salmon population is plummeting in Lake Michigan. The article begins: They are the … Continue reading This salmon is going up. The salmon population in Lake Michigan is headed the other way!

Smallmouth bass eating round gobys

Round Goby, photo by Dave Brenner, Michigan Sea Grant The Great Lakes Echo reports that although a study has found that invasive round goby are “one of the most successful aquatic invaders” ever in the Great Lakes, smallmouth bass appear to be feasting on gobies: 25 years after their discovery in the Great Lakes, “we’re not documenting … Continue reading Smallmouth bass eating round gobys

Biodiversity is not a dirty word

Untitled, photo by Anna Lysa Sorry to mess up your holiday week with a bit of advocacy on the behalf of Michigan’s natural environment, but yesterday via Michigan Radio I learned of the very disturbing Senate Bill 78 that’s headed to Governor Snyder for signature or veto. The bill would forbid DNR from preserving biodiversity in forests and parks: … Continue reading Biodiversity is not a dirty word

Michigan’s Blue Economy

Where Two Waters Meet, photo by Robby Ryke Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, the three universities that make up Michigan’s University Research Corridor (URC), have released a report titled “Innovating for the Blue Economy“. The report cites nearly $300 million in awards for water-related research and outreach from 2009 … Continue reading Michigan’s Blue Economy