Salute to Michigan’s Workers on Labor Day

Detroit Industry, photo by Maia C A very happy Labor Day to everyone and also a salute the generations of hard-working Michiganders whose struggles helped to build the society we have today. View Maia’s photo background big and see more in her Rivera Court, Detroit Institute of Arts slideshow. More Labor Day and more about … Continue reading Salute to Michigan’s Workers on Labor Day

Bears, it’s what’s for (Thanksgiving) dinner!

Thinking About the Zoo Visitors?, photo by Maia C A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I remain very thankful that I have such a great group of photographers and readers for Michigan in Pictures. I love doing this blog, and your support makes it possible! Maia suggests that this lion is perhaps thinking … Continue reading Bears, it’s what’s for (Thanksgiving) dinner!

Point of Origin

The Heart of Detroit, photo by Maia C The Point of Origin is located in Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit. The park’s website explains: In 1788, Campus Martius served as a drill ground for militia training. Campus Martius means “military ground” and was named after the Campus Martius at Marietta, Ohio, a 180-foot stockade. … Continue reading Point of Origin

Rolling past 5,000!

Yesterday the Michigan in Pictures Facebook page blasted past 5000 fans, an occasion that just one photo didn’t seem enough to mark. I am so grateful to everyone who’s become a fan of Michigan in Pictures on Facebook or here at the blog. It means a lot to me that people share my love of the great … Continue reading Rolling past 5,000!

Barack Obama in Detroit – Labor Day 2008

Detroit Loves Obama, photo by Maia C. Maia writes that this is just part of the crowd gathered in Detroit’s Hart Plaza to show their support for Barack Obama on Labor Day, 2008. The Detroit News has a great panorama by photographer Anne Savage and there’s a nice photo gallery on the Freep as well. … Continue reading Barack Obama in Detroit – Labor Day 2008