Slip & Splash at Black Rocks

Slip & Splash by Rudy Malmquist “Black Rocks is one of Marquette’s coolest attractions, in my opinion. There are many, to be sure, but cliff diving into a frigid Lake Superior is a rush. And if you wait until the middle of August, the water isn’t too cold by most people’s standards. Which is to … Continue reading Slip & Splash at Black Rocks

Chapel Rock Revisit

Chapel Revisit, photo by Rudy Malmquist View Rudy’s shot from August of 2014 background bigtacular and see more including a nice pic of nearby Spray Falls in his slideshow. Lots more about Chapel Rock on Michigan in Pictures.

Sixth Street Bridge in Grand Rapids

Built for Horses, photo by Rudy Malmquist News that the Michigan Department of Transportation is testing drones for bridge inspection reminded me that I was asked to share more of were “bridges other than than the Mackinac Bridge.” is an excellent resource, and their entry for the Sixth Street Bridge in Grand Rapids begins: The … Continue reading Sixth Street Bridge in Grand Rapids

A toast to Beer City USA … and tourism in West Michigan

Beer City USA, photo by Rudy Malmquist “Being Beer City USA has definitely helped out our business. We got a lot more tourist people than we did the first year. It’s unbelievable how many people you start talking to and they’re from out of town. ~Eric Karns, Elk Brewing WZZM TV 13 reports that 2015 … Continue reading A toast to Beer City USA … and tourism in West Michigan

#TBT: Remembering the Crew of Apollo 1

Remembering the Crew of Apollo 1, photo by NASA “You’ll be flying along some nights with a full moon. You’re up at 45,000 feet. Up there you can see it like you can’t see it down here. It’s just the big, bright, clear moon. You look up there and just say to yourself: I’ve got … Continue reading #TBT: Remembering the Crew of Apollo 1

Marquette Lower Harbor Ore Dock

Lower Harbor Ore Dock, photo by Rudy Malmquist Travel Marquette shares the story of the Iron Ore Dock in Marquette’s Upper Harbor is also known as the Presque Isle Dock. The dock was built in 1911 and is still commercially active. Each year approximately 9.5 to 10 million tons of ore are shipped from this dock. … Continue reading Marquette Lower Harbor Ore Dock

MDOT Pic of the Day: Office with a View

Office with a View, photo by MDOT Pic of the Day Discovered the Michigan Department of Transportation’s MDOT Pic of the Day Instagram yesterday. The other day they posted this photo of an unidentified Mackinac Bridge employee out for a stroll: One thing about working on the #MackinacBridge, your office has a good view. :) … Continue reading MDOT Pic of the Day: Office with a View

MLK Say!

MLK Say !, photo by Rudy Malmquist “And so we must say, now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to transform this pending national elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood. Now is the time to lift our nation. …this social revolution taking place can be summarized in … Continue reading MLK Say!