The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple, photo by Matt Burrows I hope that you have the day off today. If not, I hope you’re doing better than the reindeer who’s missing his horn. About the photo Matt writes: Taken with an iPhone 3GS (ShakeItPhoto app). This was just as it appears in the basement of a Christmas party … Continue reading The Odd Couple

Rolling past 5,000!

Yesterday the Michigan in Pictures Facebook page blasted past 5000 fans, an occasion that just one photo didn’t seem enough to mark. I am so grateful to everyone who’s become a fan of Michigan in Pictures on Facebook or here at the blog. It means a lot to me that people share my love of the great … Continue reading Rolling past 5,000!

Brought to you by the letter J … and the iPhone

Today’s Photo is Brought to You by the Letter J (for Jetsetter), photo by Matt Burrows On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. Within months, photography apps for Apple’s pocket computer with a crappy digital camera began showing up. Apps like Hipstamatic and Shake It made the phone’s resolution weakness tolerable and spawned … Continue reading Brought to you by the letter J … and the iPhone

A big step for Flickr

“Crickey! A Flickr in Its Natural Habitat”, photo by Matt Burrows Michigan in Pictures owes a whole lot to the photo sharing website Flickr. For starters, Flickr hosts the sprawling Absolute Michigan pool, the photo group with over 175,000 photos and 3300 members from where I draw most of the photos used. Flickr is also the … Continue reading A big step for Flickr