May 15th Lunar Eclipse & what the heck is a Blood Moon anyway?

Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse by Kenneth Raymond On the night of Sunday, May 15th, a lunar eclipse will begin at 10:28 pm with total eclipse (when the moon turns red) occurring at 12:11 am. The red cast of the moon at total eclipse has inexplicably become popularized as a “blood moon” in recent years. … Continue reading May 15th Lunar Eclipse & what the heck is a Blood Moon anyway?

Mapping the Moon

Moon Beam & Lighthouse by RJE Earthsky reports that for the first time, the entire lunar surface has been completely mapped and uniformly classified by scientists from the USGS Astrogeology Science Center, in collaboration with NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Institute. There’s a video below too. They write: The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) announced … Continue reading Mapping the Moon

2019’s Biggest Supermoon Flies Tonight!

Super Moon Muskegon Michigan, photo by The Shutter Affair EarthSky, which by the way is a fantastic website for anyone who wants to get more out of the night sky that’s in great need of your support, has this to say about tonight’s supermoon, which will be the largest of 2019: This year’s February presents … Continue reading 2019’s Biggest Supermoon Flies Tonight!

Walking on the Moon: The Apollo Capsule in Grand Rapids

Now That Was Just Weird by Daniel E Johnson July 20th is 49th anniversary of our first steps on the moon. The Mix 95.7 Grand Rapids tells the story of the Apollo capsule in front of the Grand Rapids Public Museum: It turns out that the capsule is an actual Apollo Capsule, but it wasn’t … Continue reading Walking on the Moon: The Apollo Capsule in Grand Rapids

A wink from the Harvest Moon

With A Wink The Full Moon Sets Over Grand Haven, photo by David W Behrens I watched the full harvest moon set this morning over the Leland Harbor among some clouds, and then saw this photo that David of David W. Behrens Photography shared from Grand Haven, Michigan. Click through to see more pics from … Continue reading A wink from the Harvest Moon

September’s Corn Moon is full tonight!

Reflections of the Moon, photo by TP Mann’s article on September’s Full Corn Moon says in part: Look up tonight (Sept. 6) to see the Full Corn Moon glowing in the sky. If you have binoculars or a telescope, you can also see the planet Neptune glowing faintly nearby. The moon reached its fullest … Continue reading September’s Corn Moon is full tonight!

Moons Big & Small: Perigee & Apogee Moons

Moons Big and Small, photo by Kevin Last night I learned that the full moon was at apogee, and with all the love I’ve given to supermoons, I figured that I should throw a bone to the tiny ones as well. Kevin is a regular on Michigan in Pictures with his stunning photos of the … Continue reading Moons Big & Small: Perigee & Apogee Moons

Freighterwatching & Moonchasing

Freighterwatching & Moonchasing, photo by Stephanie MoonGiant’s page on the February full moon says: The Full Moon for Feb. 2017 will occur in the afternoon of February 10th for the United States and just after midnight on February 11th for Europe.   February’s Full Moon is commonly known as the Full Snow Moon or Hunger … Continue reading Freighterwatching & Moonchasing

Super Moon over the Lift Bridge

Super Moon over the Lift Bridge, photo by Eric Hackney Marvelous shot of the nearly full Supermoon over the Portage Lake Lift Bridge that connects the UP cities of Houghton & Hancock. View Eric’s photo bigger, see more in his 11-13-16: Supermoon Rise slideshow, and definitely follow Eric Hackney Photography on Facebook! More from Houghton on Michigan … Continue reading Super Moon over the Lift Bridge