Morel Time: 2018 Edition

Twin Morels worth a zoom, photo by Mark Smith Mark took this photo back in May of 2015, but I’m hearing from friends in Leelanau that morels are starting to pop. We’ve had some great rain over the last few days all around Michigan and the temps are about right for morel magic! View Mark’s … Continue reading Morel Time: 2018 Edition

2016 Michigan Morel Season Underway!

backyard morels, photo by Jason Rydquist I’ve been getting word from various parts of the state that morel mushrooms are being found! They’re one of my favorite Michigan foods, and over on Absolute Michigan today I’ve put together Five Things you need to know about Michigan Morels. It includes a new online tool that could be of … Continue reading 2016 Michigan Morel Season Underway!

Finally Friday: Michigan Morel Edition

Finally, photo by Julie Reports of morels are coming in from all across the state. They’ll be celebrating our delicious woodland friends this weekend (May 8-10) at the Mesick Mushroom Festival and next weekend (May 14-17) at the National Morel Mushroom Festival in Boyne City. If you’re looking for Michigan morel photos and features, click … Continue reading Finally Friday: Michigan Morel Edition

Michigan Morel Alert: Morels in Honor Edition

Morels at the Honor Motel, photo by Honor Motel In spring, a young Michigander’s fancies turn to … morels! Here’s a shot from Honor in the northwest Lower Peninsula showing a handful of black morels found on Tax Day. It’s earlier than I would have expected but hopefully it signals a good, long season for … Continue reading Michigan Morel Alert: Morels in Honor Edition

Michigan’s 2014 Morel Season has arrived!

The White Morels are just starting. Taken in the City Limits of Boyne City, Michigan, along with some others I might add., photo by Rick Wolanin I’ve started to get reports of morels trickling in from here in Traverse City and other locations in the state. While we’re a ways from full-on morel madness, it’s a … Continue reading Michigan’s 2014 Morel Season has arrived!

Happiness is a Bowlful of Morels!

A day’s find, photo by HLHigham Morels are popping up all over, and though you might not find 98 like Heather did, even a handful of these delectable  mushrooms will make it all worth it. If you’re in the Boyne City area this weekend, they hold their annual National Morel Mushroom Festival. You might also … Continue reading Happiness is a Bowlful of Morels!

Morel in the Wild: The 2013 Season is upon us!

morel in the wild, photo by the little red hen Reports are trickling in from around the state about morels, including some tasty photos from yesterday of morels folks are finding on the Michigan Morel Facebook. Michigan in Pictures has a ton of morel mushroom information to help you find these elusive but delicious delicacies. … Continue reading Morel in the Wild: The 2013 Season is upon us!