Double the Rainbow

Another Look at Our Rainbow Last Sunday Evening by Steve Brown One of my favorite websites, Atmospheric Optics, says that secondary rainbows or “double rainbows” feature a secondary bow that is nearly always fainter than the primary, with colors reversed and more widely separated: Light can be reflected more than once inside a raindrop. Rays … Continue reading Double the Rainbow

Pls send rainbows 🙏

Double rainbow! by Tom Michigan is drowning right now in some of the worst rains on record. Every day for the last two weeks, from Midland to Grand Rapids to Traverse City, my feed has been full of images of people losing everything to flooding. PLEASE send rainbows. Just so this post isn’t a totally … Continue reading Pls send rainbows 🙏

Fish for Friday: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout by Cheryl The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says that the rainbow trout are: Native to the Pacific watershed, rainbow trout came to Michigan when eggs were imported from California in 1876. First stocked in the Au Sable River, then four years later in the Lake Michigan watershed, rainbows can now be found … Continue reading Fish for Friday: Rainbow Trout

Everything’s coming up rainbows!

Double Rainbow over the Narrows, photo by Elijah Allen I guess one of the advantages of getting a lot of rain is that you also get a lot of rainbows! My friend Elijah took this on Monday night. The end of the bow is over the thin channel called “the Narrows” that joins North & … Continue reading Everything’s coming up rainbows!

Rainbow Reflected

Rainbow Reflected, photo by Eric Hackney Photography My position is that should take your rainbows as they come – here’s a beauty featuring the Portage Lake Lift Bridge in Houghton taken this Sunday! View the photo bigger and see more in Eric’s Chasing the Rainbow album on Facebook. Many more Michigan rainbows & more rainbow science … Continue reading Rainbow Reflected

At the end of the rainbow

A lighthouse at the end of the rainbow, photo by Ann Fisher Memorial Day Weekend is a unique holiday. It’s both a celebration of the beginning of the summer, the weekend to throw off the shackles of cold & gray and embrace sun and sand, and also a somber remembrance of those who have given their … Continue reading At the end of the rainbow

Return to Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls [Summer 2015], photo by Eric Hackney I’ve profiled Rainbow Falls and the other waterfalls of the Black River Scenic Byway on Michigan in Pictures, but my friend Gary shared a super-cool video that I want to share with all of you! GoWaterfalling’s says that Rainbow Falls is: …the last of the main falls on the … Continue reading Return to Rainbow Falls

Rainbow at the Soo Locks

Rainbow at Soo Locks, photo by kdclarkfarm Diane says that everyone was in awe at this rainbow apparently waiting its turn for the Soo Locks in late September. View her photo background bigilicious and see more in her Freighters and the St. Clair River slideshow. More rainbows and more Soo Locks on Michigan in Pictures.