Primary Colors

Blue (Red) Yellow, photo by Ralph Krawczyk Jr While newspapers and television stations are probably crying today, most of the rest of us will probably be relieved to see the Republican primary in the rearview mirror at the end of the day. Get updates at our Primarypalooza on Absolute Michigan. Check this out big as the … Continue reading Primary Colors

MacArthur Lock No. 4

MacArthur Lock No. 4, photo by Ralph Krawczyk Jr. With apologies to Richard Harris, Donna Summer and pretty much everyone… The captain took the Spruceglen, through the Soo Ralph has a Holga, on trips he often takes it It uses film and doesn’t fake it Which isn’t always the easiest thing to do Check it … Continue reading MacArthur Lock No. 4

R.I.P. Tiger Stadium

R.I.P., photo by Ralph Krawczyk Jr. Ralph writes: Supporters of renovating what remained of Tiger Stadium surrendered Monday in a failed court effort to postpone the final demolition, sparking the end of a legacy that began in 1896… You can read about the demolition in the Freep, watch it on YouTube, check out other Tiger … Continue reading R.I.P. Tiger Stadium

The Future turns 100

The Guardian Building, photo by Ralph Krawczyk Jr. The Futurist Manifesto by Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was published on February 20, 1909 in Le Figaro. Futurism rejected the past and celebrated speed, machinery and industry … and also war, violence, pollution, misogyny, the triumph of technology over nature and likely influenced fascism. Futurism influenced … Continue reading The Future turns 100