This United States of America stuff is for real folks.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re a person who doesn’t like my personal comments and viewpoints, particularly when they veer into the political realm, please consider browsing the beach, lighthouse, or animals categories today because you better believe I am veering that direction today. I’d like to add that I recognize that for many of you, Michigan in Pictures … Continue reading This United States of America stuff is for real folks.

Holly Jolly

Saugatuck Fall 2009, photo by Richard Deming Photography I’d like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, which includes Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, St. Stephen’s Day, Festivus, New Year, and of course general good will and fortune. If an inclusive wish of holiday cheer is in any way offensive, I’d mention the giving and loving … Continue reading Holly Jolly

Robot Supply & Repair and 826 Michigan

NOVEMBER 2012-1152, photo by RichardDemingPhotography Today is Black Friday, and though many of us – your host most definitely included -get worn down by the constant march of “Consumer Christmas”, it’s important to remember that our dollars when spent wisely can build strength in our communities. Below is one great example and I’m sure people … Continue reading Robot Supply & Repair and 826 Michigan

Wishing everyone the best of Michigan’s Thanksgiving Bounty

FARMERS MARKET Nov 2012-963, photo by RichardDemingPhotography The story of Thanksgiving is one of our country’s oldest and best stories. At the heart of it is the sharing of the rich and diverse bounty of the land. Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse state, and here’s hoping that some of Michigan’s varied fruits, vegetables, … Continue reading Wishing everyone the best of Michigan’s Thanksgiving Bounty

ArtPrize 2012

ARTPRIZE 2011-5780, photo by RichardDemingPhotography ArtPrize opened yesterday in Grand Rapids and runs through October 7th. Now in its 4th year, ArtPrize is the largest art competition in the world, awarding over a half million in prizes. $360,000 of this is awarded by public vote. If you’ve never experienced a city turned upside down by art, … Continue reading ArtPrize 2012