Rolling past 5,000!

Yesterday the Michigan in Pictures Facebook page blasted past 5000 fans, an occasion that just one photo didn’t seem enough to mark. I am so grateful to everyone who’s become a fan of Michigan in Pictures on Facebook or here at the blog. It means a lot to me that people share my love of the great … Continue reading Rolling past 5,000!

Michigan Apples Bounce Back!

Red McIntosh apples, photo by vostok71 The Detroit Free Press writes that Michigan apples are back – and in a big way. This year’s harvest could be one of the largest Michigan has ever seen, the Michigan Apple Committee said Friday after the U.S. Apple Association released its estimate for Michigan’s 2013 apple crop. The … Continue reading Michigan Apples Bounce Back!

The biggest apple in Michigan … and the smallest crop

Biggest apple in Michigan. Wolf River apple. 1996, photo by vostok71 Orange Pippin says that the Wolf River apple (first discovered along the river of the same name in Wisconsin) is: A well-known American cooking apple, notable for its large size. Wolf River is mainly used for cooking, and it keeps its shape when cooked. … Continue reading The biggest apple in Michigan … and the smallest crop

Michigan Sunsets. Camp Rosenthal.

Michigan Sunsets. Camp Rosenthal., photo by vostok71. Sergei says that he took this photo in 1995 (check it out bigger and also these other photos) when he was at Camp Rosenthal, operated by Chicago Youth Centers: Located in Dowagiac, Michigan, Camp Rosenthal is one of only five remaining camps in the Midwest dedicated to the … Continue reading Michigan Sunsets. Camp Rosenthal.