Tulips at Dow Gardens

Tulips by Rhonda Bonham Rhonda caught these tulips in glorious bloom last weekend at the Dow Gardens in Midland: Established in 1899 as a home for Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow and family, Dow Gardens now welcomes over 300,000 guests per year. Experience a dazzling 110-acre display of annuals and perennials punctuated by distinctive … Continue reading Tulips at Dow Gardens

Time for Tulip Time

Yellow Tulips, photo by E. Benson Holland’s annual Tulip Time festival returns May 7-14, 2016. They have 4.5 MILLION tulips in Holland and are reporting about 30% of tulip bloom right now – just about perfect. Stay tuned through their Tulip Tracker. Here’s a cool video showing how they plant Windmill Island with 55,000 tulips in a matter … Continue reading Time for Tulip Time

May Tulips at Belle Isle Conservatory

Belle Isle Conservatory – Detroit, Michigan, photo by David Marvin Dan Austin of Historic Detroit has an excellent article on the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle that begins: If Belle Isle is Detroit’s crown, then the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is its brightest emerald, full of brilliant green ferns, palms and cacti and … Continue reading May Tulips at Belle Isle Conservatory

Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

Tulips, Tulips, Tulips, photo by Dawn Williams Holland’s annual Tulip Time starts this Saturday (May 2) and continues through May 9th. The annual celebration features parades, music, displays of Dutch Heritage and of course tulips, 4.5 million of them! Dawn took this photo last year. See it background bigtacular on Flickr and check out more of her Tulip … Continue reading Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

Tulip Time in Holland

Yellow Tulips, photo by srab44_2000 Holland’s annual celebration of Dutch heritage and culture, the Tulip Time Festival, starts Friday May 4th and runs through May 11th. While last year’s crazy March heatwave had tulips blooming in mid-April, tulips have been in the slow lane in 2013 due to a cool spring. The good news according to meteorologist … Continue reading Tulip Time in Holland

(not) Tulip Time

early tulips in downtown Holland, photo by Alissa Holland The Tulip Time website says that there are 31 days until the annual festival celebrating the city of Holland’s Dutch heritage and the beautiful tulip. The festival runs May 5-12, 2012, but nobody told the tulips. As the photo shows, some of Holland’s 100,000+ tulips are … Continue reading (not) Tulip Time

It’s Tulip Time Again!

It’s Tulip Time Again, photo by Mi Bob. Holland’s annual Tulip Time celebration kicks off today and runs through May 14. Fireworks! Vintage Base Ball! Tulipalooza! Kinderplaats! Volksparade! Klompen! …and of course more than a million tulips and almost that many visitors! Check it out bigger and in Bob’s Tulip Time slideshow. More Tulips on … Continue reading It’s Tulip Time Again!

Almost Tulip Time in Holland!

It’s like a dream, photo by cae3 – Anita Tulip Time in Holland is just around the corner! The annual celebration of Holland’s Dutch heritage and tulipular beauty takes place May 7-14, 2011 and features parades, music, dancing and much more. They explain that: This year is a particularly special celebration as we recognize the … Continue reading Almost Tulip Time in Holland!

Windmill Island is ready for Tulip Time

Windmill Island , photo by Kiran Bhat.. It’s Tulip Time in Holland! The annual Tulip Time Festival takes place May 1-8, 2010. The festival is a celebration of Dutch heritage and culture that has something for everyone including 3 parades, Dutch Dance performances, concerts, theatre, Dutch attractions, Dutch food, children’s events, trolley tours and more. … Continue reading Windmill Island is ready for Tulip Time

Houston, We have Tulips!

We have tulips!, photo by StormchaserMike Photography Holland’s 2009 Tuliptime Festival starts today and runs May 2-9, 2009. In addition to parades, music, celebrations of Dutch heritage, kids events and fireworks and somewhere around 6 million tulips, they are celebrating the 80th anniversary of Holland’s signature celebration this year. All who attend are entered to … Continue reading Houston, We have Tulips!