This salmon is going up. The salmon population in Lake Michigan is headed the other way!

EDITOR’S NOTE: It looked for a minute that we had another Turtlegate brewing and that this might not be a Chinook but a brown trout. Read more in the comments on Facebook. Up & Over……….., photo by Julie The Detroit Free Press reports that the salmon population is plummeting in Lake Michigan. The article begins: They are the … Continue reading This salmon is going up. The salmon population in Lake Michigan is headed the other way!

Northern Green Frog

Frog!, photo by StormchaserMike Photography. I nearly misidentified this guy as an American Bullfrog, likely confusing a whole new generation of readers just as they were recovering from Turtlegate. The Michigan Herps page on Michigan’s Frogs & Toads says that misidentification is common – the trick is the fold of skin running from their eardrum … Continue reading Northern Green Frog

The Painted Turtle in Michigan

-3, photo by Emery Co Photo. When I saw this photo in the Absolute Michigan group, I wondered it it was the right day to talk about painted turtles (I have to be careful after last summer’s TurtleGate incident as you may recall). When I saw the siskokid’s shot of a painted turtle basking in … Continue reading The Painted Turtle in Michigan

Michigan’s Common Snapping Turtle

Female Snapping Turtle, photo by MTU_Flickr. Regular readers may recall TurtleGate ’08. Some of you may have even been consumed by worry that this terrapin tangle would go unresolved. Fear not, for thanks to a happy find while researching the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, I can finally put the michpics universe back on firm & … Continue reading Michigan’s Common Snapping Turtle

The Wood Turtle in Michigan

Turtle, photo by LuckyGus Updated September 30, 2008: LuckyGus captured this photo on the Betsie Valley Trail in Benzie County. Below you can read about TurtleGate ’08, which was touched off when I misidentified this turtle as a common snapping turtle. My Ranger Rick Top Terrapin Tagger badge has been repossessed and sources tell me … Continue reading The Wood Turtle in Michigan