Waterfall Wednesday: September 22nd at Overlooked Falls

Overlooked Falls by Jim Sorbie GoWaterfalling’s page on Minor Waterfalls has this to say about this pretty little waterfall in Porcupine Mountains State Park: Overlooked Falls is a small falls on the Little Carp River. The scenic falls consists of two drops, each about 5′ in height. This is the most easily accessed of the falls … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: September 22nd at Overlooked Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Reany Falls near Marquette

Reany Falls – Marquette by David Marvin Waterfalls of the Keweenaw shares some info about Reany Falls: With a location close to a well-known Marquette destination (Dead River Falls) Reany Falls is a surprisingly photographed and popular waterfall. Composed a few small drops along a narrow creek, the main focus is a three-way split plunge … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Reany Falls near Marquette

Waterfall Wednesday: Root Beer Falls

Root Beer Falls near Wakefield by Michigan Nut Photography While one of the names for Tahquamenon Falls is “Root Beer Falls, Travel the Mitten shares another waterfall with the same name, Root Beer Falls on Planter Creek: Few Michigan waterfalls are as easy to visit as Root Beer Falls in Wakefield. This small waterfall can … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Root Beer Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Agate Falls under the Milky Way

Agate Falls under the Milky Way by Shelbydiamondstar Photography GoWaterfalling says that Agate Falls is an impressive waterfall that’s relatively easy to get to: Agate Falls is a Michigan State Scenic Site 6.5 miles east of Bruce Crossing on MI-28. There is a roadside park (Joseph F. Oravec roadside park) just past the bridge over … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Agate Falls under the Milky Way

Waterfall Wednesday: Upper Hungarian Falls

Upper Hungarian Falls by Eric Hackney It’s Wednesday again so let’s make friends with one of Michigan’s 200+ named waterfalls. GoWaterfalling’s page on Hungarian Falls says: Dover Creek tumbles overs a series of falls on its way down to Torch Lake. Two of the falls are around 20 feet high, and the last is a … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Upper Hungarian Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Schweitzer Falls

Schweitzer Falls by Michigan Nut Photography Every once in a while, I come across a Michigan waterfall I haven’t featured on Michigan in Pictures. Thankfully, GoWaterfalling always has me covered! Their entry for Schweitzer Falls says in part: Schweitzer Falls is located a few miles south of Palmer Michigan. This is a very wild waterfall, … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Schweitzer Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Slate River Falls

Slate River Falls Splendor by Eric Hackney GoWaterfalling is the premier source for information about Michigan’s many waterfalls. Their Slate River Falls entry says: Slate River Falls is, unsurprisingly, on the Slate River. This is the largest of many drops over a three mile stretch of the river. This is a wild waterfall, with no … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Slate River Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Kakabika Falls

Kakabika Falls on the Ontonagon River in Michigan’s UP by Tom Clark The Waterfall Record says that Kakabika Falls: …is a series of small drops that adds up to a larger total. None of the drops are really that big. The largest drop might be 10′ at most (across a distance). So if you’re really … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Kakabika Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Lower Tahquamenon by Dan Gaken GoWaterfalling explains that Lower Tahquamenon Falls is part of: …Tahquamenon Falls State Park on MI-123. It is on the map and is easy to find, but it is a bit out of the way. There are three sections to the park: the Upper Falls, the Lower Falls, and the rivermouth … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Waterfall Wednesday: Wagner Falls

Wagner Falls by John Bullington Photography GoWaterfalling shares that Wagner Falls: is located south of Munising, on the east side of MI-94 just south of the MI-28 MI-94 junction. It has its own state park. There is small parking area and a sign. A short boardwalk leads to the falls. It is a pleasant walk … Continue reading Waterfall Wednesday: Wagner Falls