Weird Wednesday: Return to the Big Boy Graveyard

Big Boy Graveyard by Charles Peace One of the weirdest & most popular posts on Michigan in Pictures is the Big Boy Graveyard. The UP Supply Co. went to the mysterious Big Boy Graveyard & shares: Many of you have read my previous post of the old post regarding the “Legend of the Big Boy Graveyard”. … Continue reading Weird Wednesday: Return to the Big Boy Graveyard

Michigan Weird Science: The Menominee Crack

The Menominee Crack, photo courtesy Michigan Tech College of Engineering Gizmodo reports that back in October of 2010 folks near Birch Creek in Menominee County heard a boom, felt the earth rock, and woke up to find a 360′ crack in the ground: The first clue was the fact that the split happened at the top of a ridge. … Continue reading Michigan Weird Science: The Menominee Crack

Weird Wednesday: Hamlin Lake UFO

Strange Sunset, photo by Craig Downing On the last Wednesday of every month I used to do a “Weird Wednesday” feature in conjunction with Linda Godfrey. She’s still going strong and you can follow her findings at This isn’t one of Linda’s stories, but I thought I’d share it for old times sake. Via the … Continue reading Weird Wednesday: Hamlin Lake UFO

Weird Wednesday: South Arm Nessie

South Arm Nessie, photo by Cvx_Wx Absolute Michigan has been known to hold Weird Wednesdays on the last Wednesday of every month. Our Michigan Sea Monsters post featured two denizens of the deep courtesy Linda Godfrey’s Weird Michigan, the Sea Monster of the Straits and the Lake Leelanau Monster: The story of an early 20th Century … Continue reading Weird Wednesday: South Arm Nessie

Halloween Rewind: Le Loup Garou

Where Wolves Play by Michael Seabrook He was beloved by all, and most of all by the children.For he told them tales of the Loup Garou in the forest.And of the goblin thai came in the night to water the horses.And of the White Letiche, the ghost of a child who unchristeneddied, and was doomed … Continue reading Halloween Rewind: Le Loup Garou

Play Ball! Detroit Tigers start the season today

Comerica Park, Detroit by Kevin Povenz The Detroit Tigers open the season against the Cincinnati Reds TONIGHT at 6:10 PM at Great American Ballpark. The home opener (at an empty Comerica Park) is Monday night. It will definitely be a strange season (with a 16 team playoff), but I for one welcome a slice of … Continue reading Play Ball! Detroit Tigers start the season today

Earth Day at 50

Untitled by Brooke Pennington Happy 50th Earth Day everyone! It’s without a doubt the weirdest one on record, but I thought you might be interested in the Michigan roots of Earth Day, at the University of Michigan to be precise. James Tobin of Michigan Today shares the story of the Teach-In on the Environment that … Continue reading Earth Day at 50

Remembering Mark “The Bird” Fidrych

Mark “The Bird” Fidrych courtesy Mark Fidrych Foundation Mark Fidrych reminded you of your childhood, no matter how old you were when he pitched. This was his charm, his curse, his legacy. He personified athletic innocence. -Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press I’m a lifelong Detroit Tiger fan & without question one of the most magical … Continue reading Remembering Mark “The Bird” Fidrych

Socially Distanced Photography Bringing a Community Together

Socially Distanced Superhero by Exposures by Rah / Sarah Armstrong Like most people these days, professional photographers are struggling as their livelihood vanishes down a Covid-19 rabbithole. One of my photographer friends in Traverse City came up with a cool way to continue working responsibly AND add to the community. Northern Michigan Porch-raits is a … Continue reading Socially Distanced Photography Bringing a Community Together

Walking on the Moon: The Apollo Capsule in Grand Rapids

Now That Was Just Weird by Daniel E Johnson July 20th is 49th anniversary of our first steps on the moon. The Mix 95.7 Grand Rapids tells the story of the Apollo capsule in front of the Grand Rapids Public Museum: It turns out that the capsule is an actual Apollo Capsule, but it wasn’t … Continue reading Walking on the Moon: The Apollo Capsule in Grand Rapids