Geared up for the photo

Intrepid MK2 8x10 at Lake Superior by Kirt E Carter

Intrepid MK2 8×10 at Lake Superior by Kirt E Carter

Here’s a sweet shot large-format, black & white shot of Kirt’s rig for a recent photo shoot at Little Girl’s Point on Lake Superior near the Michigan/Wisconsin border. You can see more on Flickr & for sure check out his website to view & purchase his work! 

More black & white photography on Michigan in Pictures & you can click to read more about the Intrepid MK2 8×10 camera.

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Looking through to another time … again

Looking Through to Another Time by Anna Newhouse

Looking Through to Another Time by Anna Newhouse

Sometimes I save photos I feature on Michigan in Pictures to a folder that changes my computer background every day. This one by Anna from 5 years back has always been one of my favorites.

You can see more in Anna’s My 365 Photo Challenge gallery.

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Looking Through to Another Time

Looking Through to Another Time

looking through to another time, photo by Anna Newhouse

View Anna’s photo background bigtacular and see more in her My 365 Photo Challenge slideshow.

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Waabi-Maang (White Loon)

Waabi-Maang White Loon

Waabi-Maang, photo by Mark Smith

Here’s a shot from last week in my hometown of Leland by Mark Smith who writes:

The tribal fishing boat Waabi-Maang (White Loon) fires up for another fishing season in Leland, Michigan. I have been fooling around with a vintage lens here .. quite a trip! (if you look closely you can almost see the storm coming – 8 inches of snow tonight. Thanks, Spring.)

View Mark’s photo background big and see more in his slideshow.

PS: The lens is a Contax Sonnar 2890 – here’s another photo “Branches to Branches” that Mark took with it.

Branches to Branches


The Great Lakes, in Vivitar & summer


173316390006, photo by Steve Swartz

Just love this shot. It’s always good to remember that we get to go back to this before too long…

View Steve’s photo background bigtacular and see more in his Vivitar slideshow.

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Untitled, photo by Lance Springer

High on the list of “Things That I Want, Yet Somehow Don’t Have” is a waterproof camera. Lance does have one, the Nikon AW120, which is apparently not only waterproof, but also shockproof and freezeproof. Sounds like a ton of fun!

You’ll need a camera like this today on the Lakes as the winds are really whipping things up all across the state.

View Lance’s photo bigger and dive into his slideshow for some more cool shots from the beach at Hagar Shore.

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Film, photo by karstenphoto

Film. How does it make you feel? When you see a photo shot with real film on a computer – whether as a print or in the developing tray – is there a difference?

Check this out background bigtacular and see this and several more in Steve’s ectachrome slideshow and please share your comments below.

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Garden Pumpkin via the Great Wall

Garden Pumpkin 1, photo by Marianne Priest

Absolute Michigan has a pumpkinpalooza going today – check it out!

Marianne took this shot using a Great Wall df2 camera using tri X/hc110 film. Another friend of the blog, Mark O’Brien, has details on The Great Wall camera on his blog.

You can see more shots that Marianne has taken with this camera in her amazing Great Wall DF2 gallery.

Holga: Lake Erie

Holga: Lake Erie

Holga: Lake Erie, photo by Matt Callow.

Matt took this shot of an ice-locked Lake Erie 4 years ago. A check of Great Lakes Coastwatch shows that there’s still considerable ice on Lake Erie!

You can see it bigger in his Holga slideshow.

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Happy Accidents at Van Buren Dunes

van buren dunes beach- holga

van buren dunes beach- holga, photo by EllenJo.

Is it cruel or welcome to post photos like this in February? Please discuss below…

EllenJo writes that because her hands were wet it was hard to advance the film, so she ended up with some cool “happy accidents” like this. Check this out bigger in her blue slideshow and I hope your weekend is full of happy accidents!

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