Seussberries by Blondieyooper

Untitled by Blondieyooper

Here’s an awesome shot I’ve shared before, but it’s always good to have a little Wednesday weirdness. Blondieyooper explained “These cute little ones were fun to find. The blueberries were big compared to the mushrooms. :) I’m easily amused!”

Me too! See more in her Dr Seussish File gallery on Flickr.

Lots more weird & wonderful pics on Michigan in Pictures!

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Remembering the 0-16 Detroit Lions

Unable to Watch by Sam

Unable to Watch by Sam

“This is not fun to go through, obviously. But there’s people going through a lot worse than this.”
-Lions head coach Rod Marinelli (2008)

Detroit Lions fans who haven’t successfully repressed the memories know that yesterday (December 28th) was the 13-year anniversary of the Lions finishing 0-16. With their 31-21 loss on Dec 28, 2008 to the Green Bay Packers they became the first team ever to go winless in a 16-game season. While they have been far from amazing in the first year of the Dan Campbell era, there are at least a few glimmers of hope to be found in their 2-12-1 season. At least that’s what I’m told. 😅

Sam took this photo at the Thanksgiving Day game when it was already pretty clear where the team was heading. See more in her Thanksgiving Day Football ’08 gallery on Flickr & for sure follow her blog Roar of the Tigers for entertaining content!

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Seeing Santa in Michigan

Do we have time for a selfie? by Tom Clark

Do we have time for a selfie? by Tom Clark

If your holiday plans include a visit with Santa, you can see where to catch his courtesy the West Michigan Tourist Association, the Metro Detroit Little Guide, and of course if you’re near the UP, a visit to Christmas, Michigan is an option. Have a favorite Santa spot? Let us know in the comments.

Tom took this back in 2015 at Bay City’s 2nd annual “Santa Claus for the Cause” event. No word on if the event will return post-pandemic, but here’s hoping because it seemed like a really cool idea! See more in Tom’s Whimsical Things gallery on Flickr & view and purchase prints on his website.

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Michigan town says NO to tigers

I Said No! by Joe Gazzarato

I Said No! by Joe Gazzarato

A few weeks back, the Port Huron News-Herald reported that the town of Marysville, Michigan has banned a long list of animals as pets including badgers, cougars, coyotes, kangaroos, pheasants, and even tigers. Apologies for the delay in reporting & please adjust your pet plans accordingly. 😉

Joe took this photo at the Detroit Zoo back in 2010 & shares that this tiger wanted to play badly, but his mate was definitely NOT interested. Shot through the trees which explains the out of focus branches running through the foreground. Head over to his Flickr for more.

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(Tiny) Home for Sale

Home for Sale! by Fire Fighter's Wife

Home for Sale! by Fire Fighter’s Wife

Like much of the rest of the country, Michigan has been seeing skyrocketing home prices.

Beth may have found a solution, but she notes that the neighbors always leave their sprinklers on, which is a little bit annoying but also a source of constant irrigation. 😂 See more in her landscape gallery on Flickr!

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Just Cruising at the Mighty Mac

Just Cruising by Marsha Morningstar

Just Cruising by Marsha Morningstar

Seems like everyone’s going to the Straits these days to check out the ice at the Mackinac Bridge! 

More from Marsha on her Flickr including a close up shot of these two cuties!

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Heat Wave about to break

Heat Wave by Dan Gaken

Heat Wave by Dan Gaken

If you’ve been feeling like this black squirrel recently, mLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa has the welcome news that a change in the weather on the way:

You’ll have to admit that most of Michigan has been warmer than usual for late August. Well that hot feel is all going to change for this weekend after a strong cold front moves through Friday night.

When a cold front moves through, a new type of air moves in from a different region where it was born. By Saturday morning most of Lower Michigan will know fall is just around the corner. The far southeast corner, with Detroit and Ann Arbor, will get that fall reminder gradually by Saturday evening.

My condolences if you’re on Team Inferno, but we know that Michigan usually delivers some September heat!

Check out more from Dan in his Life in Michigan gallery on Flickr & have a great weekend!

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Waving at April Fools

Wave by Ryan Munson

Wave by Ryan Munson

Those who know me or are longtime Michigan in Pictures fans know that April Fools Day is something near & dear to my heart (click that link for some of the best). It’s one of the many comforting things that are sliding away and I hope that all of you find new comforts & new ways of thinking about happiness.

You can view Ryan’s photo and more on Flickr & also check out the Ann Arbor Festifools group on Flickr for more from this A2 tradition!

PS: Shoutout to the folks who’ve tossed me a couple of dollars for Michigan in Pictures as well as all of you who are reading & sharing my posts. Feel free to email me a link to your Instagram or other photo page if you want me to check out your own photos for sharing and STAY SAFE!!

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Join the Golden Boy at the annual Marche du Nain Rouge

All Hail the Golden Boy!, photo by Andrew McFarlane

I’ve featured the annual Marche du Nain Rouge for years on Michigan in Pictures, but last year was the first time I ever attended. Even on a cold & rainy day, thousands of people turned out for what is unquestionably one of the coolest parades I’ve ever been a part of. My favorite parade group was certainly these folks, who would loudly intone “All hail the Golden Boy” as the walked.

The Marche du Nain Rouge takes place in two weeks – Sunday, March 25, 2018 along the Cass Corridor in Detroit. You can get all the details about the Marche du Nain Rouge on Facebook and read more about this incredible event & the chilling tales of the Red Dwarf of Detroit on Absolute Michigan.

I was more wandering with the parade than photographing, but you can see a lot more including videos in my 2017 Marche du Nain Rouge set on Flickr!

History of the Nain Rouge (courtesy the Marche du Nain Rouge)

In 1701, legendary founder of Detroit Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac met a fortune-teller, who warned him to beware of the Nain Rouge, the “Red Dwarf” who appeared to Cadillac in a dream. She warned Cadillac that the the little red imp is the embodiment of his ambition, anger, pride, envy — everything that held him back. The Nain Rouge, she told him, is the harbinger of doom. However, when Cadillac first saw the fiend in person, the Nain taunted him mercilessly and Cadillac chased the Nain away with a stick.

Unfortunately, the fortune turned out to be true and Cadillac died penniless after he left Detroit for France. The city he founded, however, fared better, endured and prospered (mostly), against the fiendish efforts of the Nain Rouge.

For 300 years, Detroiters memorialized Cadillac’s actions and willingness to persevere and hope for better things, combined with the determination to rise from the ashes. At Detroit’s worst moments, the Nain has been there, cackling or taunting the city’s residents. And so every year, Detroiters celebrate liberation from the Nain, a new beginning, and whatever is good and working in the city in a spring festival for the good and betterment of the city of Detroit.

Drive Safely this Weekend, Michigan!

Amish buggy on the highway, photo by Sharon

Baseball is like driving, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts.
-Tommy Lasorda

I hope everyone who is traveling this weekend has a safe trip!

View Sharon’s photo background big and see more in her DIFFERENT slideshow.