Frozen in Time, 2014 edition

Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time, photo by photofrenzy2000

2014 will never come this way again, so for better or worse, here are some 2014 highlights from Michigan in Pictures…

Cougar CamThe most popular post was Cougar Cam Confirmation, which was published on November 7th. Since I’ve been sounding the “cougars live in Michigan” horn for several years now, it’s gratifying that the DNR is now on board.

Isle Royale Star BreezeWith 77,000 views on Facebook, the cougar cam was the most popular post there too, followed very closely by Space Weather and Starbreeze that benefited from the Lake Superior Photo bump!

Paradise is the nickname of this placeShawn of Lake Superior Photo checked in with the second most popular pic, Paradise is the nickname of this place, a photo that features one of the amazing & out-of-the-way Michigan gems that I learned about in 2014.

Ice Caves Leelanau Peninsula by Ken ScottThe third most popular picture & story was one from close to my home, the astonishing The Ice Caves of Leelanau that drew tens of thousands of people to the Leelanau Peninsula last winter to see them. You can click that link to see Ken’s photos or save yourself the time and head over to his site to purchase his book, The Ice Caves of Leelanau.

Winter at Tahquamenon Falls John McCormickWeighing in at number four was Winter at Tahquamenon Falls by John McCormick aka MichiganNut. While this photo didn’t make his 2015 wall calendar, a dozen other great ones did!

Shadow Moon by Michael SeabrookClosing out the top five was the Blood Moon and the Lunar Eclipse Tetrad by Michael Seabrook. The first two of these four total lunar eclipses are in the books, but April 4 & September 28, 2015 are still to be seen.

Polar Vortex Cabin FeverThe top commented post was Michigan in Pictures is a blog, folks, which I posted after getting a bunch of negative comments after sharing a photo from a group working against the Keystone XL Pipeline coming through Michigan. It made me very happy to get support for protecting the beautiful natural heritage features on Michigan in Pictures from so many readers … and also to share the awesome photo of our cats!

View this photo from December of 2010 at the St. Joseph Lighthouse bigger and jump into photofrenzy2000’s slideshow for more awesome shots!

Rolling past 5,000!

5 Spot by Matt burrowsPoint of OriginFull Moon JanuaryVostok Snow Circle

Yesterday the Michigan in Pictures Facebook page blasted past 5000 fans, an occasion that just one photo didn’t seem enough to mark. I am so grateful to everyone who’s become a fan of Michigan in Pictures on Facebook or here at the blog. It means a lot to me that people share my love of the great state of Michigan. Thank you!

The photos left to right are…

5 Spot by Matt Burrows – Matt has been featured several times on Michigan in Pictures and is the first person that I know who really embraced iPhone photography. He says that it’s part of an “Enter” sign at 5/3 Bank in Grand Rapids and taken with an iPhone 3GS (CrossProcess app).

The Heart of Detroit by Maia C – Maia was one of the first 100 people to join the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr. With 3400 members and nearly 200,000 photos, it’s still going strong! And yes, she has a couple of photos on Michigan in Pictures too! About this photo of the Point of Origin she writes: This compass in Campus Martius Park marks the base point for the survey that began the rebuilding of Detroit after a devastating fire in 1805. The glass center covers a granite pillar that was buried at this spot around 1820 to mark the “point of origin” for the new street grid. The Point of Origin is a few minutes’ walk north of Detroit’s riverfront.

Howl at the Full Moon by Kevin’s Stuff – Kevin is our Man of the Moon (and a little Northern Lights). Fittingly, the photo above is of the January full moon. He writes: The Full Moon of January is called the Full Wolf Moon. Amid the zero cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. It was also known as the Old Moon or the moon after Yule. In some tribes this was the Full Snow Moon; most applied that name to the next moon.

Circles in the snow by vostok71 – In January of 2008 Sergei wrote: Leaf got trapped during the last night ice storm. He has a few photos on Michigan in Pictures including the biggest apple grown in Michigan!

Click them all to see them bigger!!

Today is Michigan in Pictures 8th Birthday!


eight, photo by caterpillars

I started Michigan in Pictures on December 30, 2005. In the 8 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve posted 2,494 photos of and from the Great Lakes State.

This is far and away my favorite web project of all time, because every week I learn new things about the people, places, history and natural world of the state that is my home. I’m so grateful to the photographers who have shared and continue to share their photos with me and an audience who keeps showing up for more of Michigan.

Thank you!

View Laura’s photo on Flickr and in her slideshow. You can also click for more photos from her along with some actual caterpillars!

Michigan in Pictures turns seven


seven, photo by Hilarywho

On December 30, 2005 I posted A Pond in Bald Mountain, the first photo on Michigan in Pictures. Seven years and 2,187 photos later it’s still going strong.

Thanks to all of you for giving me a reason to do this every day!

Check Hilary’s photo out on black and count it out in her numbers slideshow.

More posts about michpics!

150,000 photos and one big morel!

Weekend Find

Weekend Find, photo by LadyDragonflyCC – See through my Eyes!

The Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr reached a major milestone that we almost missed: the 150,000th photo was added to the group by Christine aka LadyDragonflyCC!! The 100,000th photo was added 2 years ago. At that time there were about 2400 people in our group which has now grown to almost 3200 people. The group was started way back in August of 2005 and you can go back to the beginning right here.

See Christine’s photo bigger and see more in her tasty morel slideshow.

Speaking of morels, don’t miss the annual Mesick Morel Mushroom Festival today through Sunday (May 11-13) and the National Morel Mushroom Festival next weekend (May 17-20) in Boyne City.

Spring Break 2012

Michigan in Pictures is taking a Spring Break. See you at the beginning of April!

Dollar Lake Foggy Sunrise

Dollar Lake Foggy Sunrise, photo by Boydsview

Since Florida came to me last week, I don’t feel the need to get away to someplace warm. I do feel the need to have a break, so I and the staff of Absolute Michigan are going to take one (of sorts) for the last week of March. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, here’s hoping you’re getting out there and enjoying what Michigan or the place you are* has to offer.

Andrew took this at Dollar Lake. Check it out on black. He also shot a couple of very respectable morels that you can see in his slideshow.

* but really Michigan. If you’re “stuck” at home for spring break, don’t forget that we have this amazingly incredible state that where unmatched natural beauty and world-class cultural resources are just hours away,

Owls in the Attic

Attic, Clare Michigan.

Attic, Clare Michigan. , photo by matthew_michalek.

I posted this photo to the Michigan in Pictures Facebook yesterday with the comment “It’s not all sunsets and lighthouses. ;)” A reader thought it a little strange and wondered “why not show a live one?”

That’s a good question for which I have a few answers.

One is that Michigan in Pictures has a number of posts about owls including a snowy owl on the roof, Northern Saw Whet Owl (and an owl house you can build for one), the Evening Owl, Marsh Owl, Short-eared owl and a live version of this owl, the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) aka tiger owl or cat owl.

A second reason is that while I am a huge fan of Pure Michigan and the gorgeous photography they share, I’m also a big fan of the strange and wonderful bits of history you can find all over the state in our quirky little museums, second hand stores, attics, basements and (of course) garage sales. When I see a photo like this I wonder how the owl got there. Was it purchased at the Call of the Wild museum in Gaylord or did it simply die of old age?

The final reason is that the experience of Michigan and Michigan in Pictures is (for me at least) one of discovery. I delight in odd finds like the Big Boy Graveyard, old slumpy in Detroit, Lake Michigan’s “Stonehenge” and the crazy things that I find in the Library of Congress and that people like the folks at FOUND magazine in Ann Arbor and daveraoul find in the corners of reality that we often miss.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments…

Check this out on black and in Matt’s slideshow.