Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a catchy title for this feature.

Profile of Matt Callow
Our first profiled photographer is Matt Callow aka Matt Blackcustard aka the Guy Who Uses All the Weird Cameras aka He Whose Photos Were So Cool That I Had to Create This Feature to Ask Him Questions.

Profile of Marjorie O’Brien
Our second profiled photographer is Marjorie O’Brien, known on Flickr as I am Jacques Strappe and Quite Fond of Theaters.

Profile of Bobby Alcott
Our third photographer is Bobby Alcott, known on Flickr as UrbanTiki and the founder of EXPOSURE.Detroit.

88 thoughts on “Michigan Photographers

    1. Hey everyone, I just found this website today and am so excited! I am just a novice but my heart and soul is in the art of my photography…I would love to have you visit my site and give me some feedback. Thanks!!! P.S. I was born and raised, and currently reside in Holland, Michigan. :)


  1. You bet we are interested (and do display) work from other Michigan photographers. If you are a Michigan photographer with work online, please feel welcome to post a link to it!


    1. Glad I found this site; I am new here to Michigan, love it here, and am very enthused about this great state and its people. Looks like others are too! Keep clicking and posting- I love browsing people’s visions…!


  2. Another couple of Michigan photographers checking in here…

    I'm Kate Sumbler (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ktpupp/) and my husband is Rob Sumbler, (http://www.flickr.com/photos/sumbler/). Rob's strawberries and asparagus pics were recently featured on absolutemichigan.com.

    There's a few groups on Flickr for various cities in Michigan, including a group for East Lansing that I started. In the EL group we are talking about getting a meet-up planned to wander the city and take pics together, maybe hang out at Peanut Barrel afterwards… (http://www.flickr.com/groups/eastlansing/)

    Sorry Kate! We got 4 comments last night – the three spam ones were allowed but yours was held for moderation – go figure! -Andrew


  3. I belong to the Michigan Virtual Assistants group and we are designing a new website. We would welcome any artists to submit their photographs for consideration on our Home page that will include artist recognition and contact information. We do not have funds to pay for artwork at this time, however, we would love to feature a photo from Michigan.


  4. I’m a Michigan photographer!
    I’m located in Flint but you’ll find some beautiful nature and urbana shots in my gallery.

    Northwoods, U.P. – Flint – Lansing – Classic Cars, It’s all there. Even a couple of Michigan Weddings. :)


  5. help!
    i need help locating a photo that was in a store in mackinaw city. the store is no longer there. the photo was taken by a michigan photgrapher. not sure how to find it but i have resorted to the big wide web and i am still having trouble.
    the photo was of 5 deer in the fog. you couldn’t see the deer when you glanced at the photo but if you looked closely, you could see them all in line-all in a different position and all looking at the camera. it is a great photo and i should have just bought it when i saw it but i missed the opportunity. now i can’t find it and it has been haunting me for about 3yrs. can anyone tell me how i could locate it?
    the store i visited didn’t seem to know.


  6. I am interested in purchasing a nice Michigan photograph…as a 15th anniversary present for my husband. He grew up in Huntington Woods, just north of Detroit, in the 70’s and 80’s and went to U of M.
    Can anyone steer me in the right direction?


  7. Since retiring from the State a few years ago I’ve spent a fair amount of time pursuing digital photography…a fun hobby. I live in Lansing and spend a lot of time in South Haven. I enjoy your website. I have a favorite image of the South Haven lighthouse posted on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dooger/


  8. I’m a Detroit area photographer covering events, fashion, music, film and more. My website has nearly 50,000 photos and it is continually growing. If anyone is looking for a great professional photo hosting site, just ask. I’m also a web developer.

    I’m at FlickR – http://www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzytek
    Also MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/fuzzytek
    … and you’ll find my photos on a lot of other sites. I organize several photo / fashion projects.


  9. I am a professional photographer in Troy. I am blessed to take people to experience the wonder of the Serengeti 3 times a year. However, my tag line of ‘Finding beauty in your daily life is as easy as looking for it’, is especially true here in michigan. I have a Michigan gallery at http://www.acaciaphoto.com/michigan.

    Nice to see so many fine photos of our beautiful state.


  10. What a talented group of photographers! It’s nice to see so many great photos of Michigan in one place. I check this site frequently to find fresh talent and great photos for Michigan History magazine. Keep taking pictues everyone! Your sharp eye for the perfect shot keeps people interested in Michigan and all the beauty our state has to offer.


  11. My name is Ruben, I wanted to say I’m not from this town but I like old pictures. The old days and the simplier way live was and looked stays in my memory as a kid. As a kid I can remember till the age of five which would put me in 1968 and thats what I remember seeing lots of old cars and 68 on down. In 1968 My family had a 1954 chevy and 1956 chevy. There were still lots of 50s, 40s, and some 30s and of course 60s cars but the Times were still simplier. Thanks for letting me see your side of town. Ruben


  12. My new Detroit color photography book published by Wayne State University Press is now available.
    Talking Shops: Detroit Commercial Folk Art is a look at the efforts to maintain the American Dream of owning your own business and selling a message painted on buildings, signs, and walls. Examples of Talking Shops can be seen at: davidclementsproductions.com.


  13. http://travel.webshots.com/tag/michigan will direct you to a very broad selection of michigan photo albums. My two Michigan albums are there – one of the Mackinac Island & Bridge area, the other of Northern Michigan, both UP and Thumb areas. The “Northern Michigan, Seasons, Sunrises, Beaches, Waterfalls, Mountains” album is well over a half million views and 75,000 downloads. (Free.) The Mackinac Island album is over 250,000 views. They are (at present) the #1 and #2 Michigan albums for Webshots photohosting. Some of the pictures are specifically composed and cropped for desktop use, including some for WXGA aspect ratio.


  14. I rarely leave the state of Michigan these days so, most of my photos are from the great out of doors in Michigan – mainly St. Clair County.
    My own yard (12 acres) is always changing with each season. If I sit still long enough I’ll see the deer making their daily migration from the east to the west then back again.


  15. I don’t live in Michigan. I live around the other side of the lake by the big city. If I could find a good job in Michigan I’d move there instantaneously. Haven’t even had a chance to photograph much in Michigan except the Harbor Country and Warren Dunes State Park. Warren Dunes has become my favorite place. These images can also be seen on flickr.com. Go to mill8char’s photostream slash warren dunes state park. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed taking them! Charles


  16. I have been photographing the Northern Lights and many other subjects in the Upper peninsula of Michigan for many years. I love in Menominee MI.
    You can view my photography at my website below.

    Since then I have taken on sports, portrait and wedding photography. I hope you enjoy and welcome any comments. Thanks, Duane Clausen


  17. We’d all agree that nowhere photographs quite like Michigan. We’re definitely fans of Michigan in Pictures over at WMTA and West Michigan Weekly (http://westmichiganweekly.blogspot.com). Thank you for always sharing such great images!

    Just another avenue for all those Michiganders out there: we just started a weekly photo meme for the west side of the mitten. Please come visit and participate!


  18. I can’t believe it, but it’s been 4 years since I left a comment here. I have many, many more photos in my portfolio now, and I even have my own website! :-) Feel free to have a look!


  19. I am a southwest Michigan landscape photographer based in New Buffalo, MI. In the event any of your readers are interested, our local galleries are holding the annual Art Attack weekend this April 29 thru May 1st. I have been invited to display some of my work, along side of several other excellent photographers, by The Local Color Art Gallery in Union Pier. Join us for a Photographers Reception. See the harborcountry.org website for times and addresses.


  20. Hello! I’m a nature photographer and writer based in both the U.P. and the L.P. My note cards are for sale at http://www.Etsy.com/shop/KLJnaturephotos, http://www.MIUpperHand.com and at the Gift Station in Munising. I also have a Web site (see above). Prints are available of all my images, and I’m always looking for markets for my editorial photos. I hope you’ll take the time to visit these sites and give any feedback you wish. I encourage reviews and suggestions!

    My best to all Michigan photographers — what wonderful work I’m finding here!!!


    Kathryn Lund Johnson


  21. I have a photographer friend who lives in the U.P. who doesn’t seem the type to do her own bragging so I’m going to. :) She does incredible work. Being I live in Texas and have never been further north than Oklahoma, I had no idea your state had such stunning beauty before I saw her photos.

    I’m building her a website because I seriously believe in her art and talent. You can find it this way:


    If you’re on Facebook, her page is at:


    Stop by if you get a chance. Hope you enjoy her work as much as I am.


  22. This site is really cool! I love looking at pictures of Michigan and I’m glad to see other people appreciate it as much as I do. There is this book I came across which is a compiled collection of pictures of Detroit MI detroit138squaremiles.com/detroit-138-square-miles


  23. hello i am a michigan photographer and i would like to say thank you for using my pic in the curwood castle post! also please have a look at my other photos on my flickr and fb sites

    Marble head trail Drummond Island

    Thanks again


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