Fall in Michigan

We’re noticing a lot of folks are searching for computer wallpaper. In addition to pointing out the obvious that many of the photos on Michigan in Pictures are available in larger sizes if you click them, we can also direct you to our Wallpaper Series and also to our “wallpaper” tag.

Michigan in Pictures Wallpaper Series

Other Sites for Michigan Wallpaper:

Fall photos from the Absolute Michigan group on Flickr – many at wallpaper size!

Leelanau.com’s Backgrounds Page for Leelanau County/Traverse/Northern Michigan pics

Detroit Skyline by Dmytro Doblevych Daytime, nighttime and even during the August 2003 blackout!

Need4Sheed Detroit Pistons Wallpaper Rip, Chauncey, Big Ben, Tayshaun and of course Rasheed (screensavers too!)

6 thoughts on “Michigan Wallpaper / Computer Backgrounds

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