Grinding the Icy Rail


CRW_8205.JPG, originally uploaded by Just an Idea.

This photo was taken recently at Crystal Mountain ski resort in northwest lower Michigan. It has the feel of a colorized black & white.

Beautiful Brilliant Blue

American Building #1-Southfield

American Building #1-Southfield, originally uploaded by tedguy49.

I feel a bit guilty selecting this one as it’s not really representative of this photographer’s work. I really meant to pick another one. Honest. It’s not me, it’s the seasonal affective disorder talking…

Ocqueoc Falls

Ocqueoc Falls

Ocqueoc Falls, originally uploaded by argusmaniac.

What can I say? Stunning.

According to his web page (where some very cool black & white photos can be found) argusmaniac aka Mark O’Brien is a photographer, “somewhere between advanced amateur and semi-professional” who also collects Argus cameras. The photo was scanned from black & white slide and taken in July of 2002. (a super-cool site for waterfall lovers) says:

Ocqueoc Falls is the only “major” waterfall in Michigan’s lower peninsula. In rockier, hillier parts of the world this would be a nameless rapids of no note but here in the farmlands and forests of Michigan it merits its own little park. The falls is at most 5 feet high. There is a small gorge below the falls, with rocky walls about 20 feet high. The Ocqueoc Falls State Forest Campground is just across the road, and the Bicentennial Pathway passes by the falls.

The falls is about 10 miles northwest of Onaway, the nearest city. From Onaway head east on MI-68, take a left onto Millersburg Road, and then a right onto Ocqueoc Falls road. According to my road atlas, Rainy River falls is about 6 miles to the east, but it is apparently on private property. I imagine it is similar in size and appearance to Ocqueoc Falls. (view on the Waterfalls of the Great Lakes Region site)

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Kalamazoo Air Zoo, originally uploaded by Robin of Loxley.

When not robbing the rich, Robin apparently spends time taking interesting photographs like this one.

The AirZoo of Kalamazoo looks like an excellent place to get away from the dreary, misty, rainy, Januaryness we have been experiencing.

What’s Wrong with This Picture??


temp, originally uploaded by michgm.

january in michigan…

(Thursday night bonus photo!)

All Alone on the Silver Lake Dunes

Untitled, originally uploaded by raemarie.

raemarie writes:
I was really looking forward to the sun going down. But I was so depressed, I just drove home. On the expressway. No backroads. That’s how bad it was.

This is just one photo from a great photo set called “The day the d70 died.” taken in and around the Silver Lake Dunes.

It’s a depressing moment when a photographer’s camera ceases to function. You get to know the camera’s quirks and it can become a trusted companion.

Here’s hoping that raemarie is shooting again … soon.

Dream Big … and Have a Little Fun


Dreaming, originally uploaded by aricee.

Before you all conclude I have an unhealthy obsession with the AirZoo, let me explain that the main purpose of this selection is to introduce you to the very fun Flickr Toys from fd that allow you to make posters, montages, comics and a whole lot of other things including billboards of your kitty.

In addition to playing with Flicker Toys, aricee takes beautiful and thoughtful photos of the natural world and her family.

Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin, originally uploaded by tgrabb.

I had no idea where this photo was taken, but Tom (the photographer) posted to let me know it’s in Perkins, Michigan (just north of Escanaba).

Sunset over Sleeping Bear


Sunset, originally uploaded by corremadrid.

Gorgeous shot of the sun as it sets behind Sleeping Bear Point. The water is Lake Michigan (Sleeping Bear Bay) and the photographer is on “Bay Mountain”, the Homestead Resort’s ski hill.

Joel takes a lot of photos in Leelanau County and a lot more elsewhere in the world (including Spain).

They Knew How to Build Things Then…

Train Station, Muskegon

Train Station, Muskegon, originally uploaded by I am Jacques Strappe.

Marjorie writes:
Quite possibly one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever encountered…

It appears through her extensive photographs of architectural subjects that she’s encountered a building or two, including this one’s long-lost little brother: the Starkweather Memorial Chapel in Ypsilanti.

You can see some more photos and information about the Muskegon Train Station from Michigan Passenger Stations.