Raking Shadows on Halloween

Raking Shadows, photo © Richard Thompson Probably the coolest Halloween photo I’ve ever seen. I would totally go to a movie with this on the poster. Richard says this is Sunset over farmlands in Dundee, Michigan. He has another in the same vein titled Darkness Looms. Happy Halloween, Michigan … hope the treats far outnumber … Continue reading Raking Shadows on Halloween

The Haunting of White River Light

White River Light Station by cncphotos Less than a week until Halloween, so Michigan in Pictures will feature as much Michigan spookyness as possible. Today’s story appears courtesy Still on Duty at White River Light on Absolute Michigan: When Karen McDonnell is alone she sometimes hears footsteps on the stairway of the former White River Light. … Continue reading The Haunting of White River Light

Haunted Michigan: The Dogman

Nightmare at Muskegon State Park II, photo by otisourcat When legends are way back in the past, they aren’t as scary. This one isn’t, and the fact that many of the sightings take place in my own backyard make me reluctant to share it. So, reluctantly, via Steve Cook’s Michigan-Dogman.com, I give you a Dogman tale … Continue reading Haunted Michigan: The Dogman

Haunted Michigan: Le Loup Garou

Moon and Clouds, photo by eyesontheskies He was beloved by all, and most of all by the children. For he told them tales of the Loup Garou in the forest. And of the goblin thai came in the night to water the horses. And of the White Letiche, the ghost of a child who unchristened … Continue reading Haunted Michigan: Le Loup Garou

Murder Mystery at Grand Island North Light

Grand Island North Light, photo by Jeff Shook The photo above is from the Grand Island North Light page at Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light. Head over there for all kinds of information about one of Michigan’s lonelier lighthouses. As Halloween is tomorrow, I thought I’d share the tale of a mysterious murder at North … Continue reading Murder Mystery at Grand Island North Light

The Other Witch of November: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel, photo by Voxphoto Naturalist Jonathan Schechter wrote an article last year entitled Witch of the Woods – and her name is Hazel about this small  tree that actually flowers in November: Native Americans knew this tree before the invaders with guns and axes in tall sailing ships landed on the eastern shore and … Continue reading The Other Witch of November: Witch Hazel

Michigan’s Most Haunted: Detroit Masonic Temple

NOTE: Upon further research, it appears that George Mason did not leap to death from the roof of the Masonic, but instead died in bed at the age of 92 in 1948. In my defense, the story of Mason’s suicide has been reported by a number of news outlets!! The Masonic Temple, photo by kc Jacoby … Continue reading Michigan’s Most Haunted: Detroit Masonic Temple