Art & Apples … and a whole bunch of Michigan events

… one a day, photo by suesue2. Our Absolute Michigan calendar says there’s here’s a lot of cool events happening this weekend from long-standing events like the Celebration on the Grand in Grand Rapids, Wheatland Music Festival and Posen Potato Festival to newer events like the Ann Arbor HomeGrown Festival, UP Oktoberfest, Great Lakes Cider … Continue reading Art & Apples … and a whole bunch of Michigan events

Picking Apples, W. Golden Orchard 1894 … or thereabouts

Picking Apples, W. Golden Orchard 1894, photo courtesy Archives of Michigan The Image of the Month for October 2007 from the Archives of Michigan begin: This photo depicts apple pickers in the Old Mission Peninsula. It was taken in the early 1890’s. (The caption on the front of the photo gives the year as “1894.” … Continue reading Picking Apples, W. Golden Orchard 1894 … or thereabouts

Green Apple at the top of the barrel

green apple, photo by Vaughan. Michigan in Pictures is graciously hosted by They are a great company who make a great piece of software and if you are looking for a place to host your blog, I strongly urge you to check them out! Anyway, this morning I decided to check out the … Continue reading Green Apple at the top of the barrel

MLK and the Garment of Destiny

MLK Say ! by Rudy Malmquist “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”– Dr. Martin Luther King, Letter from Birmingham, Alabama jail, April 16, 1963 Today is the day America remembers … Continue reading MLK and the Garment of Destiny

The Name of the Plow

snow plow – m 72 by Bill WWJ 950 Detroit shares that last winter Nick Schirripa of the Michigan Department of Transportation, “put some feelers out” on Twitter, asking for help naming Michigan’s snow plows. A year later, all 330 of Michigan’s snow plows have new names. You can check the plows out in realtime … Continue reading The Name of the Plow

Remembering the 0-16 Detroit Lions

Unable to Watch by Sam “This is not fun to go through, obviously. But there’s people going through a lot worse than this.”-Lions head coach Rod Marinelli (2008) Detroit Lions fans who haven’t successfully repressed the memories know that yesterday (December 28th) was the 13-year anniversary of the Lions finishing 0-16. With their 31-21 loss … Continue reading Remembering the 0-16 Detroit Lions

Sandhill cranes in the crosshairs

Sandhill Cranes by Kevin Povenz My commentary: While I completely support hunting & have to admit “ribeye in the sky” has a certain appeal, this seems very very stupid. If human beings have demonstrated anything over the last 100 years, it’s that we are legitimately terrible stewards of nature.  The Great Lakes Echo shares news … Continue reading Sandhill cranes in the crosshairs

Michigan town says NO to tigers

I Said No! by Joe Gazzarato A few weeks back, the Port Huron News-Herald reported that the town of Marysville, Michigan has banned a long list of animals as pets including badgers, cougars, coyotes, kangaroos, pheasants, and even tigers. Apologies for the delay in reporting & please adjust your pet plans accordingly. 😉 Joe took … Continue reading Michigan town says NO to tigers

MSU launches EverGreen student-athlete marketing

MSU vs Wisconsin by Matt Hallowell The State News has a feature on their new EverGreen image & likeness program to inform student-athletes about building a personal brand, making informed decisions and positioning themselves to maximize their earning power: “Our goal is to provide our student-athletes the tools for success — on the field of … Continue reading MSU launches EverGreen student-athlete marketing