Blossomtime in Michigan

Untitled, photo by Christina**. We’re headed into the season where trees explode with color in Michigan. It’s celebrated in events like next weekend’s Blossomtime Festival. It happens the first Saturday in May every year in Benton Harbor and St. Joseph and is Michigan’s oldest multi-community festival. You can view this photo larger (and more blossoms) … Continue reading Blossomtime in Michigan

Cherry Blossom Time in Michigan

Cherry Blossom Time, Benzie County Michigan, photo by John Clement Howe. The photo is part of John’s amazing Benzie County! photo set (slideshow) and it’s no coincidence that the next photo is a tasty looking morel mushroom – both cherry blossoms and morels are found at the same time of year! Every May, the cherry … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Time in Michigan

Flower Friday: Yellow Lady’s Slippers

Yikes! I got the link for the Michigan Wildflowers database wrong! Yellow Lady’s Slippers, photo by Rick Lanting While I was gathering info for today’s post I came across a really cool resource! is an online photo database of Michigan’s wildflowers curated by Charles and Diane Peirce that lists 545 Michigan wildflowers and lets you (very … Continue reading Flower Friday: Yellow Lady’s Slippers

Horn Road Orchard

Horn Road Orchard, photo by Mark Smith Up here in the Traverse City area we don’t have cherry blossoms yet, but I’ve been seeing reports that cherries and other fruit crops are in bloom in southwest Michigan. Expect the TC area to bloom in a week or two and please share what you’re seeing in … Continue reading Horn Road Orchard

Lilac Island: Mackinac Island’s Lilacs & Lilac Festival

Fort Mackinac & Lilacs, photo by Steven Blair The 66th annual Mackinac Island Lilac Festival starts tomorrow and runs through June 14th. It celebrates the Island’s historic varieties of lilacs (many from the Colonial era) and equestrian culture and is one of the Island’s biggest attractions. Apparently it’s “Lissa Edwards Goes to Mackinac Week” on Michigan in Pictures as I turn again to one … Continue reading Lilac Island: Mackinac Island’s Lilacs & Lilac Festival

Old Mission Orchard in Bloom

Old Mission Orchard, photo by Heather Higham The cherry blossoms are out on northwest Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula. A little over 100 years ago, this annual occurrence gave birth to Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival. The Cherry Festival’s history page shares that sometime around 1910, cherry growers in the Grand Traverse area began to hold … Continue reading Old Mission Orchard in Bloom

Find the Trout Lily where and when the trout hide…

Trout lily (3 of 3), photo by Heather Higham I love old books, and was happy to find Wild Flowers Worth Knowing by Neltje Blanchan, a 1917 book that is available online through Project Gutenberg. The entry for Yellow Adder’s Tongue; Trout Lily; Dog-tooth “Violet” (Erythronium americanum) is a good example of the descriptive & endearing turns of phrase … Continue reading Find the Trout Lily where and when the trout hide…

Apples on the Ridge push through Mothers Day frost

empire apple tree blossoming, photo by Alissa Holland NPR’s Noah Adams visited “The Ridge” to see how the apple crop was faring in 2013 after the devastation of 2012. The engaging 4 minute piece looks at methods they use to battle frost and how last year’s 99% wipeout hurt farmers. It’s well worth your time, … Continue reading Apples on the Ridge push through Mothers Day frost