Charlevoix, the Beautiful

Charlevoix the Beautiful, photo by GLASman1 Wikipedia entry for Charlevoix (pronounced shar-le-voy) says: The city is situated between Lake Michigan and the western end of Lake Charlevoix, which drains into Lake Michigan through the short Round Lake/Pine River complex in the heart of downtown Charlevoix. Charlevoix’s Round Lake has been called the best natural harbor on … Continue reading Charlevoix, the Beautiful

Lake Michigan was first

Lake Michigan, photo by GLASman1. This coming Thursday (January 26) is Michigan’s 175th Birthday (#mich175 on twitter). We’re making a big fuss of it with a 175th Birthday Bash on Absolute Michigan, and this morning I inadvertently stumbled on a piece of Michigan’s heritage that I guess I never really thought about. Wikipedia’s Lake Michigan … Continue reading Lake Michigan was first

The Light at Point Aux Bec Scies

Pt. Betsie Lighthouse , photo by GLASman1. Point Betsie Light is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. The Friends of Point Betsie website notes that the point was originally known by the French as “Point Aux Bec Scies,” meaning “sawed beak point” and that it was was built in 1858 at a … Continue reading The Light at Point Aux Bec Scies

Michigan Birds: Sandhill Crane

Flying Crain, photo by GLASman1. The Baker Sanctuary in northwest Calhoun County is a Michigan Audubon sanctuary that hosts thousands of cranes. It was established in 1947 and was the first crane sanctuary in America. They have fantastic information about sandhill cranes in Michigan. They write that the Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis) is one of … Continue reading Michigan Birds: Sandhill Crane