Michigan White Christmas Watch

“Winter Blues” Rural Michigan Countryside, photo by John McCormick Editor’s Note: I inadvertently re-blogged a barn photo by John that I posted last year. This one’s a beauty too though!! After a promising start, the Great Lakes snow machine has shut down leaving us to wonder if a white Christmas is on the horizon. mLive meteorologist Mark … Continue reading Michigan White Christmas Watch

8 Reasons to Explore Waterfalls with Michigan Nut

Manabezho Falls Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains State Park, photo by John McCormick Last month Michigan in Pictures regular John McCormick aka Michigan Nut had a feature on the Pure Michigan Blog titled Eight Reasons to Get Out and Explore Michigan’s Waterfalls this Summer. I think that I may have featured all 8 shots here on … Continue reading 8 Reasons to Explore Waterfalls with Michigan Nut

Michigan Nut’s 2015 Calendar

Moonlit on the Mighty Mac, photo by John McCormick/Michigan Nut Photography If you’ve been following Michigan in Pictures for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the work of John McCormick aka Michigan Nut. John has just released his 2015 Michigan Wild & Scenic Wall Calendar, and you can get it for just $15. As … Continue reading Michigan Nut’s 2015 Calendar

Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls

Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls, photo by John McCormick I try not to blog photos from the same photographer close together, but sometimes the photos have different ideas. John aka Michigan Nut took this shot on April 26th at Michigan’s largest waterfall and writes: Upper Michigan still has over a foot of snow on the … Continue reading Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls

2014 Michigan Cherry Blossom Outlook

Dandelions and Cherry Trees, photo by Michigan Nut Photography I know that Spring Fever is in full bloom when I start getting people coming in droves to read about cherry blossoms. While we don’t have an exact report, it looks like we’re running about a week behind, which would put blossoms in the 2nd to 3rd … Continue reading 2014 Michigan Cherry Blossom Outlook

Winter at Tahquamenon Falls

Winter at Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, photo by Michigan Nut John took this shot a couple of months ago at Michigan’s largest waterfall. Several years the crew from Wild Weekend TV went to the falls in wintertime. They talked with Lark Ludlow, owner of the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub about the history & lore … Continue reading Winter at Tahquamenon Falls

Winter at Turnip Rock

“Turnip Rock” Pointe Aux Barques, Lake Huron, photo by Michigan Nut Michigan’s Little Finger has been getting a lot of national media attention for the fantastic ice caves that have formed off the Leelanau Peninsula, but it’s a good time to check out the Thumb as well! Turnip Rock is on private property and reachable … Continue reading Winter at Turnip Rock

It doesn’t get more winter than this

Fresh Winter snow on a historic Michigan Farm, photo by Michigan Nut John writes: We were treated to 8 inches of new snow in lower Michigan over the last two days. This farm is a couple of miles from us here in Montcalm county. View his photo bigger and see lots more in his Winter slideshow. … Continue reading It doesn’t get more winter than this

Pinnacle Falls on the Yellow Dog River

Pinnacle Falls – (Yellow Dog river) – near Big Bay, Michigan, photo by Michigan Nut The Pinnacle Falls entry at GoWaterfalling.com explains that: Pinnacle Falls is located on a wild stretch of the Yellow Dog River, roughly 8 miles south west of Big Bay. The Yellow Dog has carved out an impressive gorge that must … Continue reading Pinnacle Falls on the Yellow Dog River

The Sky Walker of Huron

“Winter Moon” Sturgeon Point, Lake Huron, photo by Michigan Nut Myths and Legends of our Own Land by Charles M. Skinner (1896) has some incredible stories from Michigan’s first people. Here’s The Sky Walker of Huron: Here is the myth of Endymion and Diana, as told on the shores of Saginaw Bay, in Michigan, by Indians who … Continue reading The Sky Walker of Huron