Magnetic North: Northern Lights likely tonight!

Magnetic North by Aaron Springer The NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center reports that geomagnetic Storm Watches are in effect from December 10th & 11th, 2020 due to anticipated Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) effects giving us a good chance of seeing the northern lights! The CME occurred on December 7th and analysis suggests CME arrival possible late … Continue reading Magnetic North: Northern Lights likely tonight!

Spray Falls in the Pictured Rocks

Spray Falls by Michigan Nut Photography Just can’t get enough of John’s photos from the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The Pictured Rocks’ Waterfall page says: Located about 1.75 miles northeast of Chapel Beach. Spray Falls plunges about 70 feet over the Pictured Rocks cliffs directly into Lake Superior. This remote waterfall is best viewed from the … Continue reading Spray Falls in the Pictured Rocks

Wood Duck Wednesday

Wood Ducks by Third Son The All About Birds listing for Aix sponsa (wood duck) says in part: The Wood Duck is one of the most stunningly pretty of all waterfowl. Males are iridescent chestnut and green, with ornate patterns on nearly every feather; the elegant females have a distinctive profile and delicate white pattern around the eye. These … Continue reading Wood Duck Wednesday

Great Lakes on the line: It’s time to act on Asian carp

Doing it again this summer, photo by Kevin Povenz If Asian carp ever get into the Great Lakes, fun in boats as shown above could well be a thing of the past. These invasive fish jump out of the water when disturbed by noise and vibrations. With an average weight of 30-40 pounds and some … Continue reading Great Lakes on the line: It’s time to act on Asian carp

Michpics Monday Message

Cliff Jumpers, photo by Julie “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ~William G. T. Shedd Hi folks, this is Andy McFarlane, curator of Michigan in Pictures with a message so we’re all clear on what this blog is, and what it isn’t. A little background: On Saturday I … Continue reading Michpics Monday Message

Return to Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls [Summer 2015], photo by Eric Hackney I’ve profiled Rainbow Falls and the other waterfalls of the Black River Scenic Byway on Michigan in Pictures, but my friend Gary shared a super-cool video that I want to share with all of you! GoWaterfalling’s says that Rainbow Falls is: …the last of the main falls on the … Continue reading Return to Rainbow Falls

Philip’s Water Tower Project

Philip in Caseville, MI, photo by Philip’s Water Tower Project Let’s just jump right in to Philip’s Water Tower Project: Philip is a 5 year old Autistic boy from Michigan. He has recently developed a love of water towers. Upon a simple google search, he realized he couldn’t find many pictures of water towers in our area. … Continue reading Philip’s Water Tower Project

Rainbow Falls and the Waterfalls of the Black River

Rainbow Falls, Ottawa National Forest, photo by John McCormick GoWaterfalling’s page on the Waterfalls of the Black River Scenic Byway explains that this section of the river is Michigan’s waterfall alley: The Black River Scenic Byway is located in the western corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Dedicated in 1992 as a National Forest Scenic Byway, it … Continue reading Rainbow Falls and the Waterfalls of the Black River

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

Redbud, photo by Stephen Thompson The magenta flash of Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) is one of my favorite sights in springtime. I used to think it was an exotic tree, but as Rick Meader of the Ann Arbor News shares, Redbud trees are native to southern Michigan: …as a member of the Pea family (Fabaceae) it’s … Continue reading Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

Miner’s Castle, before it fell

Miner’s Castle before it fell, photo by spauldi1 Today is the 10th anniversary of the collapse of one of the turrets on the Miner’s Castle formation in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. On Thursday morning, April 13, 2006, the northeast turret of Miners Castle collapsed. One turret remains on Miners Castle, the best-known feature of Pictured … Continue reading Miner’s Castle, before it fell