Tonight’s Hunter’s Moon … and November’s Extra Super Moon

Catching the Hunter’s Moon, photo by Brad Worrell EarthSky notes that 2016 Hunter’s Moon is also a supermoon, explaining: In some months, the full moon is closer to us in orbit than others. The 2016 Hunter’s Moon does happen to be particularly close. It’s near perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly … Continue reading Tonight’s Hunter’s Moon … and November’s Extra Super Moon

Harvest Moon on Harvest Gathering

Harvest Moon on Harvest Gathering, photo by Adam Johnson / Brockit, inc This weekend I’m where I am this weekend every year, helping out at the Earthwork Harvest Gathering. One of the photographers who’s helping out is Michigan in Pictures contributor Adam Johnson of Brockit, inc. Follow his work for Harvest on Instagram and also on … Continue reading Harvest Moon on Harvest Gathering

Summer Solstice and a Strawberry Moon

Summer Solstice … 2013, photo by Ken Scott Today at 6:34 PM EDT, the summer solstice officially ushers in summer. EarthSky shares that the full Strawberry moon tonight for the solstice is the first full moon to fall on the summer solstice since June of 1967 and the Summer of Love. Back in 2001, NASA’s Earth Science Picture of the Day … Continue reading Summer Solstice and a Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Season, Strawberry Moon

Fresh Picked Strawberries, photo by Dee June’s moon is full on full on June 20 at 7:02 AM. It was known as the Strawberry Moon by Algonquin tribes, and it’s looking like Michigan’s strawberry season will be ramping up right on schedule. Here’s a couple of strawberry tidbits via Michigan Strawberries are Ready to Pick on Absolute … Continue reading Strawberry Season, Strawberry Moon

Christmas Full Moon and the Metonic Cycle

Moon December 18 2015, photo by Dave in Michigan EarthSky notes that the December full moon will be the first on Christmas since 1977: This month, the December full moon falls on Friday, December 25, 2015. For Earth’s Western Hemisphere, it’s the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977.We won’t have another full moon on … Continue reading Christmas Full Moon and the Metonic Cycle

Dipping into October … and October’s Full Moon

Dipping into October, photo by Aaron Springer Keith’s Moon Names page says that the October full moon was known as the Hunter’s Moon by Colonial Americans, the Harvest Moon by the Cherokee and ancient Celts and the Blood Moon in Medieval England. The Farmer’s Almanac says that October’s moon is full on the 27th at … Continue reading Dipping into October … and October’s Full Moon

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Super Blood Moon 09/27/2015, photo by Alex Thorpe While clouds marred much of this rare total eclipse of a perigee moon aka super moon, there were places & times that worked. Check out this gallery of eclipse photos from Fox 17 viewers and definitely share yours and others you find on the Michigan in Pictures … Continue reading Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Harvest Moon Eclipse Sunday Night

Harvest Moon over Cornfield, photo by Kevin NASA Science reminds us that this Sunday night (Sep 27) and into the early hours of Monday, the full Harvest Moon will glide through the shadow of Earth, turning the Harvest Moon a golden-red color akin to autumn leaves: The action begins at 9:07 PM Eastern Time on … Continue reading Harvest Moon Eclipse Sunday Night

It’s a long night for December’s full moon

aDSC_0287, photo by Craig The moon will be full at 7:27 am tomorrow, which basically means tonight. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has this to say about the December Full Moon, known also as the Cold Moon: During this month the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also … Continue reading It’s a long night for December’s full moon