Michigan in Petoskey stones in the Final 20 for ArtPrize 7

michigan petoskey stone, photo by Jacob Vanderheyden The ArtPrize Seven Final 20 has been announced with 3 of the top entries from 2013 once again in the running. Click the link to see them all, incuding this one: michigan petoskey stone by Randall Libby from Manistee. It’s on display at the DeVos Center – here’s the scoop: WORLDS … Continue reading Michigan in Petoskey stones in the Final 20 for ArtPrize 7

Spend World Turtle Day with Common Map Turtles

Northern Map Turtles, photo by Nick Scobel May 23rd is World Turtle Day and Michigan is home to 10 native turtle species. I’ve now profiled 7 (most with Nick’s awesome photography), and you can get the full list at one of the most popular posts on Michigan in Pictures: Know Your Michigan Turtles. Graptemys geographica (Common … Continue reading Spend World Turtle Day with Common Map Turtles

Find the Trout Lily where and when the trout hide…

Trout lily (3 of 3), photo by Heather Higham I love old books, and was happy to find Wild Flowers Worth Knowing by Neltje Blanchan, a 1917 book that is available online through Project Gutenberg. The entry for Yellow Adder’s Tongue; Trout Lily; Dog-tooth “Violet” (Erythronium americanum) is a good example of the descriptive & endearing turns of phrase … Continue reading Find the Trout Lily where and when the trout hide…

Underwater vibe at Belle Isle Aquarium

Belle Isle Aquarium, photo by MichellePhotos2 Dan Austin of HistoricDetroit.org has an incredibly comprehensive history of the Belle Isle Aquarium. He writes, in part: Clarence M. Burton, in his history on the city of Detroit, attributes the idea of an aquarium to Rep. David E. Heineman, who had visited Naples, Italy, and studied that city’s … Continue reading Underwater vibe at Belle Isle Aquarium

A Michigan groundhog for Groundhog Day

Standing Guard, photo by James Marvin Phelps Today (February 2nd) is Groundhog Day, the day halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. The most famous groundhog in the world, Punxsutawney Phil, didn’t see his shadow this morning. Apparently, Michigan has its own official woodchuck weather forecaster, Woody. She lives at the Howell Nature Center and … Continue reading A Michigan groundhog for Groundhog Day

Know Your Michigan Frogs: Northern Leopard Frog

Northern Leopard Frog, photo by Adore707. National Geographic’s Northern Leopard Frog page says that the range of the species: …is most of northern North America, except on the Pacific Coast. They generally live near ponds and marshes, but will often venture into well-covered grasslands as well, earning them their other common name, the meadow frog. … Continue reading Know Your Michigan Frogs: Northern Leopard Frog

Ski Free in Michigan

There’s an Upside and a Downside, photo by farlane. A friend told me yesterday about a deal that Shell stations are offering to give you a free ski ticket at participating ski resorts when you buy 10 gallons of gas. The details are at skifreedeals.com and the Michigan resorts are: Apple Mountain Bittersweet Ski Area … Continue reading Ski Free in Michigan

The Painted Turtle in Michigan

-3, photo by Emery Co Photo. When I saw this photo in the Absolute Michigan group, I wondered it it was the right day to talk about painted turtles (I have to be careful after last summer’s TurtleGate incident as you may recall). When I saw the siskokid’s shot of a painted turtle basking in … Continue reading The Painted Turtle in Michigan

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Michigan

Royal Oak Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2008, photo by Wigwam Jones As a Scotsman, my understanding of today is that St. Patrick drove the snakes our of Ireland to make it safe for Guinness. Today it’s a day where the young, young at heart and leprechauns can join together in the celebration of Irish heritage … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Michigan

Envision Michigan

Deep Thoughts and Work Comps, photo by CAVE CANEM The Center for Michigan is an organization I work with that I very much admire. They are dedicated to helping to transform Michigan’s business, economic, political and cultural climate. One of their efforts to help us get our arms around what we have and to visualize … Continue reading Envision Michigan