Tulip Time Two Thousand (and Eight)

Growing UP, photo by luna.nik Despite the best efforts of a seemingly endless winter not to end, the bulbs are once again bursting forth with colorful goodness, to be celebrated most especially in Holland this weekend ( May 3-10, 2008 ) with the annual Tulip Time festival. Much more today (including a tulip slideshow) on … Continue reading Tulip Time Two Thousand (and Eight)

Time again for Holland’s Tulip Time Festival

214_1469, photo by pablohart. As someone who lives near a city (Traverse City) that is inextricably tied to an event (Cherry Festival), I imagine that the approach of Tulip Time can be a bittersweet thing. According to the Tulip Time Festival web site… The idea of Tulip Time was introduced in 1927 at a Woman’s … Continue reading Time again for Holland’s Tulip Time Festival

Black Tulip

Untitled, photo by purplephilia. The photographer, purplephilia, says the tulip was a really, really beautiful dark purple but she lost the color version. (no wait, she found a small color version)The structure in the background is Henry Ford's Fair Lane Estate. In case anyone is interested, Henry Ford is one of the 12 inaugural inductees … Continue reading Black Tulip

Tulip Time :: Holland Michigan

2005 Tulip Time 09, photo by msprague. Tulip Time is coming! Holland, Michigan may not have fields as big as those in the region it is named for, but they do have windmills and wooden shoes. Tulips are neat because there are pink tulips and white tulips and tulips that aren't sure what color they … Continue reading Tulip Time :: Holland Michigan

An American Bug: The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly by David Marvin The University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web entry for the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly (Papilio glaucus) says in part: The eastern tiger swallowtail ranges from Alaska and the Hudsonian zone of Canada to the southern United States, east of the Rocky Mountains. This species occurs in nearly every … Continue reading An American Bug: The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Beautiful Blossoms

Cherry Orchard Aisles & Blossoms, photo by Jess Clifton mLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa writes that the upcoming weather is looking normal, which is also fantastic for an extended time period of blooming here in Michigan: Tulip Time runs from Saturday, May 7, to May 14 in downtown Holland. The Traverse City area cherry blossoms are also about to erupt with … Continue reading Beautiful Blossoms

Big Red, White Snow & Blue Ice

Reflections of a cold sunset, photo by Tony Reidsma Here’s an incredible shot of Big Red aka the Holland Harbor Lighthouse. In his extensive article on the history of the Holland Harbor Light, Terry Pepper explains how the nickname came to be: A Coast Guard crew arrived in Holland in 1956, and gave the combined fog signal … Continue reading Big Red, White Snow & Blue Ice

Tis the season … to Surf Michigan

Marquette MI Surf 04-12-2013, photo by Shawn Malone/Lake Superior Photo The Great Lakes Echo has a great WKAR Current State feature produced by April Van Buren that I encourage you to check out to get a real feel for Michigan surfing. It’s titled Can’t get to California? Surf the Great Lakes and features Bob Beaton, president of the Great Lakes Surfing … Continue reading Tis the season … to Surf Michigan

Find the Trout Lily where and when the trout hide…

Trout lily (3 of 3), photo by Heather Higham I love old books, and was happy to find Wild Flowers Worth Knowing by Neltje Blanchan, a 1917 book that is available online through Project Gutenberg. The entry for Yellow Adder’s Tongue; Trout Lily; Dog-tooth “Violet” (Erythronium americanum) is a good example of the descriptive & endearing turns of phrase … Continue reading Find the Trout Lily where and when the trout hide…