Lake Superior Shore in Winter

Lake Superior Shore, photo by Treefarmer. It’s been a while since I posted a straight-up winter background – be sure to check this out bigger for maximum chill. Treefarmer has some more great ones in his Upper Peninsula of Michigan set (slideshow). Find more winter backgrounds on the Michigan Winter Wallpaper page.

Winter Blues at the Ludington North Breakwater Light

Winter Blues, photo by simply, Diann. Diann writes What I’m really wondering is whether or not its a good idea to edit out the blue shadows that often show up in winter shots when the sun is behind the camera. She offers this shot for comparison and discussion. She also has a bunch more photos … Continue reading Winter Blues at the Ludington North Breakwater Light

Lone tree on a winter beach

Lone tree on a winter beach, photo by norjam8. This photo was taken and is part of Norm’s set of Winter photos, a very cool set that includes photos like this amazing shot of “Big Red” aka the Holland Harbor light. Like pretty much all of Norm’s photos, this one is available in super-biggie wallpaper … Continue reading Lone tree on a winter beach

Point Betsie Lighthouse in Winter

P2190088B, photo by jsorbieus. According to Life Along the Manitou Passage’s page on the Pt. Betsie Light (developed in 2001): The light was constructed in 1858 at a cost of $3,000 and was called the “Point Aux Bec Scies” lighthouse. This point of land is translated from the French as “sawed beak point”. The original … Continue reading Point Betsie Lighthouse in Winter

The Colors of Cold

Green Blue Ice, photo by Charles Bonham Apparently Charles is my go-to photographer for ice colors as his picture was used for my post about what makes ice blue or green a couple years ago on Michigan in Pictures. Then as now, I went to The Causes of Color to answer the question: What causes the … Continue reading The Colors of Cold

Detroit House & Murals in the Market

In this New World Order, it might just be up to Beau Stanton to save us all, photo by Michael I’d never heard of artist Beau Stanton, who painted this mural, but I’m glad I have now! The mural is called Detroit House and his website explains: This multifaceted mural wraps around all four sides of … Continue reading Detroit House & Murals in the Market

Breakwall Sunrise in Grand Marais

Break Wall Sunrise, photo by Gary McCormick View Gary’s photo from February of 2012 background bigilicious, see more in his big old Grand Marais MI slideshow, and follow him for the latest at Footsore Photography on Facebook. More from Grand Marais and more winter wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures!

Turtle Club

Turtle Club, photo by Andrew McFarlane “Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?” -Dana Carvey, Master of Disguise Pretty sure it’s just sleeping. I took this photo last weekend on a walk along Lake Michigan in the Leelanau Conservancy’s Whaleback Natural Area just south of Leland. View it background big and see more in my … Continue reading Turtle Club


Inspiration Point, photo by Michigan Nut Photography While I’m waiting for photos of the weekend’s crazy storm to be shared in the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr or the Michigan in Pictures Facebook, enjoy this shot from back in 2012 early winter gale kicking up sand and waves at Manistee County’s Arcadia overlook. View John’s … Continue reading Inspiration