Set your course for Fall

Autumn Day at Lake of the Clouds, photo by John McCormick/Michigan Nut Photography John McCormick comments that it won’t be long and we will be seeing scenes like this one again. With a north wind blowing and highs not expected to reach 60 today in Michigan’s northern half, it’s pretty clear that fall and fall … Continue reading Set your course for Fall

Fall is golden in Michigan

DSC01145, photo by ansonredford One of the greatest treats Michigan offers is the annual fall color show, and I find it’s nice to have a little deeper appreciation about what’s going on inside sugar maples and other trees whose leaves change color in the fall. The Science of Color in Autumn Leaves from the US … Continue reading Fall is golden in Michigan

Fall is coming down the road

Autumn, photo by AcrylicArtist After 70s and 80s for weeks & weeks, there’s a snap in the air as the north wind is rustling the leaves and it’s still dark at 6:30 in the morning. Those longer nights are key to the Science of Fall Color, and you can read all about what makes leaves … Continue reading Fall is coming down the road

fall in detroit

fall in detroit, photo by buckshot.jones. Color touring and fall fun isn’t only for Northern Michigan – check out the Detroit Fall Color Tour on Pure Michigan, which begins: The home of the Motown Sound is the starting point for a 195-mile fall color route that skirts three waterways to the maritime city of Port … Continue reading fall in detroit

The Science of Fall Color

Autumn Copper Harbor, photo by Brian Callahan ( There’s no doubt that the annual fall show that Michigan puts on is one of the best, but did you ever stop to think about the process that causes deciduous trees to change color? Well, here’s your chance… The Science of Color in Autumn Leaves from the … Continue reading The Science of Fall Color

The Colors of Fall

Untitled, photo by DavidGuthrie. As I took a little drive yesterday in Leelanau & Benzie counties in Northern Michigan I realized that almost overnight, Autumn and fall color had arrived. A good place to start your fall color touring is with the Fall Color section at In addition to color updates, you can get … Continue reading The Colors of Fall

Full Color in the Keweenaw and at Haven Falls

Haven Falls, photo by dcclark. This morning the folks at emailed me to say that the Keweenaw doesn’t get much more colorful than this and that they’re: …hearing that it’s peak or just past-peak with the changing leaves UP North here, but whatever you call it, our surroundings look like someone took out a … Continue reading Full Color in the Keweenaw and at Haven Falls

Fall at Ransom Lake Natural Area

PA223507A, photo by jsorbieus. As the leaves start to turn in Michigan, I see a steady uptick in the number of people who come to Michigan in Pictures after searching for “Fall” or “Autumn” or “Fall Wallpaper“.For all of you color seekers, I’m sending photo of early fall color from years past at Ransom Lake … Continue reading Fall at Ransom Lake Natural Area

Fall Color on the High Rollaways

color @ the high rollaways, photo by tbug2. Tenille writes that she took this: Standing on the railing at the 250′ bluff overlooking the manistee river valley.  Locals know the area by the name “high rollaways,” a term born during the lumber boom around the turn of the last century. Lumberjacks used to roll … Continue reading Fall Color on the High Rollaways