Splash-in Sunrise: Annual Grand Marais Fly-in

Splash-in 2016, photo by Gary McCormick June 16-18, 2017 the Grand Marais Pilots Association will host the 17th Annual Splash-in on Grand Marais Bay on behalf of the National Seaplane Pilots Association. Seaplanes from all over the US and Canada are invited to attend this three day festival with arrivals on Friday, activities and competitions … Continue reading Splash-in Sunrise: Annual Grand Marais Fly-in

Still Standing … on the Superior Shore

Still Standing, photo by Bobby Palosaari Back in June, Bobby wrote, “Weathered and worn, these trees are enjoying a gorgeous summer evening along the shores of Lake Superior.” I’m assuming they’re still there, but I’m guessing it’s a bit less idyllic. View Bobby’s photo taken on the Keweenaw background bigtacular and see more in his slideshow. … Continue reading Still Standing … on the Superior Shore

What’s in a name: Petoskey Stone Edition

Waterline, photo by Andrew McFarlane This is one of my photos that I dug up for another project that I wanted to share. Apparently this was taken during in my “tilty” phase. ;) Here’s something beautiful that a young woman I know named Rose Petoskey wrote about Petoskey stones several years ago. My name is Noozeen (Rose) Nimkiins … Continue reading What’s in a name: Petoskey Stone Edition

Paddling Home

paddling home, photo by Amy Well, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, and that if you traveled you are either still on vacation or had as enjoyable a return trip as this fellow. View Amy’s photo background bigalicious and see more in her slideshow. More summer wallpaper and more Great Lakes on Michigan in … Continue reading Paddling Home

Torch Lake is pretty big

Torch Lake, photo by James Kral I figured I should follow up Thursday’s Torch Lake photo with more about the lake that is both Michigan’s longest and deepest inland lake. Wikipedia’s Torch Lake entry says (in part): Torch Lake at 19 miles (31 km) long is Michigan’s longest inland lake and at approximately 18,770 acres (76 km²) … Continue reading Torch Lake is pretty big

Evening clouds after rain

Evening clouds after rain, photo by Anne Fisher Ann says she never tires of Bass Lake in the Upper Peninsula near Gwinn. I can see why! View her photo background big and see more in her 2016 UP slideshow. More summer wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures and here’s a link to a map of Bass Lake. … Continue reading Evening clouds after rain

North Breakwater

North Breakwater Light, photo by Mark Miller The entry for Ludington North Breakwater Light at Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light details a ton of the history of this lighthouse including the reason for its interesting appearance: Over the summer of 1924, a unique structure took shape at the end of the North Breakwater. The main … Continue reading North Breakwater

Steps of the Sun at Sleeping Bear Dunes

Steps of the Sun, photo by Kenneth Snyder Here’s a shot from high atop one of the many dunes in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore from August 1, 2012. View Kenneth’s photo background bigilicious and see more in his Sleeping Bear Dunes slideshow that includes some awesome northern lights pics! More dunes and more … Continue reading Steps of the Sun at Sleeping Bear Dunes

North Bar Lake in Sleeping Bear Dunes

North Bar Lake, Sleeping Bear Dunes, photo by jdehmel The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore pages on North Bar Lake and the North Bar Lake Overlook say (in part): The small lake below is North Bar Lake. The name describes how the lake formed: it is ponded behind a sand bar. At times, the sand bar builds up and … Continue reading North Bar Lake in Sleeping Bear Dunes