Sunset on 2021

Icy Sunset on Torch Lake

Icy Sunset on Torch Lake by T P Mann

“Even the most terrible days eventually have their sunsets.”
-Andrew McFarlane

Since a Google search finds exactly ZERO results for “Even the most terrible days eventually have their sunsets” I am low key happy to close the year with an original quotation that I think is perfect for the end of 2021. Here’s hoping that the unfolding of 2022 will be miles better & that you are all happy, healthy, and with the ones you love in the coming year!

TP took this back in March of 2021. See more in his Torch Lake gallery on Flickr.

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Michigan in Pictures Top 5 for 2021

It’s once again time for me to look back on another year of Michigan in Pictures. Today is actually the 16th anniversary of the very first Michigan in Pictures post! In 2021, I posted 232 photos of the Great Lakes State along with exactly 35,693 words that were viewed on Facebook, Twitter & here nearly 2 million times! Definitely pretty cool to know my offerings are well received. OK, on to the list…


Frozen Lake Michigan & the Mighty Mac by Shelbydiamondstar Photography

Some years the top photo is a close one but with well over 250,000 views, this stunning shot of the Mighty Mac in shared March 5th left absolutely no doubt! Head over to her Facebook page for more great shots!


Frankfort Light Dream Shot by Noah Sorensen

Frankfort Light by Noah Sorenson

If you can believe it (and I can because it happened) the year’s second most popular pic was shared one day before on March 4th! For reference, the top of the tower is 67 feet above Lake Michigan! Follow Noah on Facebook or Instagram and definitely follow your dreams!


Sunset over Munising Bay by Michigan Nut Photography

Sunset over Munising Bay by Michigan Nut

I’ve been featuring photos from John McCormick aka Michigan Nut here for quite a while, and once again he’s got one of the year’s top photos with this beauty he shared in April. See lots more on his Facebook page and view & purchase his work (including calendars) at


Sunrise at Tahquamenon by Dan Gaken

Sunrise at Tahquamenon by Dan Gaken

Seems like there was something in the air in March of 2021 in addition to Covid, because this a stunning sunrise at Tahquamenon Falls that I shared on March 1st is clocks in at number 4 on the list.  See more from Dan in his Michigan’s Upper Peninsula gallery on Flickr!


Mac & Trees by Noah Sorensen Photo

Mac & Trees by Noah

All props to Noah for two appearances on the list as well as the absolute banger of a title on this pic shared November 1st! Head over to his Instagram for the latest.

Thank you all for another great year & if you’re able, I always appreciate a little love through my Patreon!

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