Inspiration Point, photo by Michigan Nut Photography

While I’m waiting for photos of the weekend’s crazy storm to be shared in the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr or the Michigan in Pictures Facebook, enjoy this shot from back in 2012 early winter gale kicking up sand and waves at Manistee County’s Arcadia overlook.

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Inspiration Point, Arcadia

Inspiration Point Arcadia

Inspiration Point, Arcadia, photo by Swapnil

Pure Michigan relates that the Arcadia Overlook aka Inspiration Point is the highest point on Lake Michigan’s western shore. This TripAdvisor review says it all I think:

The view of Lake Michigan is perhaps the loveliest for the Eastern shore of the Lake. High above the Lake and even higher when you climb well-constructed stairs. Some people drive up every night to watch the sunset. We know of scores of marriage proposals that transpired there. Very near the C. S. Mott Nature Preserve, which we know as the blow-out and others call Old Baldy. On Highway M-22, one of the most beautiful roads in the Midwest. by all means, stop for awhile and watch the breakers (whitecaps) on a windy day.

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