A Rainbow Primer


Incomplete, photo by Jamie MacDonald

I’ve never found a better website for information about rainbows and other optical phenomena than Atmospheric Optics. They have information about all flavors of rainbows including the primary rainbow, and explain that rainbows are disks of light rather than sets of coloured rings:

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to see them because the sun must not be too high. Rainbows are always opposite the sun and their centres are below the horizon at the the antisolar point. The lower the sun the higher is the bow.

Red is always outermost in the primary bow with orange, yellow, green and blue within. Occasionally, when the raindrops are small, fainter supernumerary arcs of electric greens, pinks and purples lie just inside the main bow.

A rainbow is not just a set of coloured rings. The sky inside is bright because raindrops direct light there too. The primary bow is a shining disk brightening very strongly towards its rim.

About this particular rainbow, Jamie writes:

This is the first time I have ever seen part of a rainbow in open skies. Look to the sky above the barn and you can just make out the missing portion of the rainbow.

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Field of Dreams: Winter Fantasy Edition

TWaggoner_Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams, photo by Terry Waggoner

As winter closes in I can’t help but remember warmer times…

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It doesn’t get more winter than this

Fresh Winter snow on a historic Michigan Farm

Fresh Winter snow on a historic Michigan Farm, photo by Michigan Nut

John writes: We were treated to 8 inches of new snow in lower Michigan over the last two days. This farm is a couple of miles from us here in Montcalm county. View his photo bigger and see lots more in his Winter slideshow.

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Red Barn with Trees

Red Barn with Trees

Red Barn with Trees, photo by marylea

Some days, it’s just the photo. Here’s hoping you see some beauty in your travels this.

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Four Silo Barn


DSC02860_1_2_3_tonemapped, photo by ansonredford

Donald writes that he’s never seen a quad-silo barn before he came across this one – me neither!!

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