Detroit Street Photography with Brian Day


resurrection, photo by brian

The opening reception for the show Cardiovista: Detroit Street Photography takes place next Friday (January 16) from 5-7:30 at the University of Michigan Dearborn’s Alfred Berkowitz Gallery (in the Mardigian Library). The show features the work of Carlos Diaz, Bruce Harkness, Tom Stoye and Michigan in Pictures regular Brian Day. Click the link for details!

Brian took this shot of the reborn Cobo Center in 2012. View it bigger and if you’re in the metro Detroit area, I hope you get a chance to check out one of the most original and creative photographers I know in person! Also see his street photography at

Driftwood detail

Driftwood with great detail on the Lake Michigan shore in Grand Haven.

Driftwood with great detail…, photo by Brad Terry

View Brad’s photo from the Lake Michigan shore in Grand Haven background big and see more in his Pier Series slideshow.

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Presque Isle Fog

Presque Isle Fog by Mark Obrien

Presque Isle Fog, photo by Mark O’Brien

On Thursday October 16 from 6-8 pm, Mark’s show of black and white prints opens at the Argus Museum at 525 West William Street in Ann Arbor. The show runs through December 5th, and the museum is open 9-5 weekdays.

View Mark’s photo bigger and see more in his Recent monochrome work slideshow.

PS: There’s a nice feature on the Argus Museum on Michigan in Pictures that features one of Mark’s photos!

$80 Million Michigan Central Station Makeover?

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, MI 2013

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, MI 2013, photo by brian

The Lansing State Journal reports on Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Maroun’s plan for an $80-million makeover of Michigan Central Station:

Michigan Central Station, a well-known symbol of Detroit’s decay, is expected to get $80 million in renovations over the next three years, according to a top aide to depot owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun. The revelation was made by Moroun associate Dan Stamper as he went before the Detroit City Council last week to discuss alternative plans to the city selling land needed for a new bridge to Canada.

…At Tuesday’s council meeting, Councilwoman Saunteel Jenkins said she was happy to see Moroun’s associate promise to help that community.

“There is one building that you all have not demolished,” Jenkins said of the depot. “Whenever they show the demise of Detroit there are two buildings they always show — one is the Packard Plant, the other is the train station.”

“We are going to renovate the train depot,” Stamper replied. “It’s probably another three years to secure the building watertight.”

…Jenkins didn’t seem impressed with Stamper’s description of plans to renovate the train station.

“That’s a pledge that I’ve heard multiple times,” Jenkins said.

So the short answer: don’t hold your breath. Read on at the LSJ for more.

Brian shot this photo of MCS last September and suggests John Coltrane’s In a Sentimental Mood as the soundtrack. Put it on as you view the photo bigger or enjoy his b&w: land and city slideshow.

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Winter is Coming

Hesperia Propane Tanks by John Mickevich

Hesperia Propane Tanks, photo by John Mickevich

“Winter is Coming.”
~ House Stark

A little reminder to soak up summer while we have it. If you need a little more, the Old Farmer’s Almanac says:

Published Wednesday, the New Hampshire-based almanac predicts a ‘super-cold’ winter in the eastern two-thirds of the country. The west will remain a little bit warmer than normal.

Publishers claim their forecasts–based on a ‘secret’ formula that looks at weather and astronomical trends–have an 80 percent accuracy rate.

‘Colder is just almost too familiar a term,’ Editor Janice Stillman said. ‘Think of it as a refriger-nation.’

John says this row of propane tanks caught his eye on a recent drive down M-20 near Hesperia. View his photo bigger and see more in his Ilford film slideshow.

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Silver Lake in Black & White

Silver Lake

Silver Lake, photo by Jeff Gaydash

View Jeff’s photo bigger, see more in his black & white slideshow and definitely check out more photos from Jeff on Michigan in Pictures.

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Sleeping Bear Winterscape

Sleeping Bear Winterscape

Sleeping Bear Winterscape, photo by ManualFoci

We interrupt this summer to check in with winter. James writes:

I’ve been visiting Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes all my life but it wasn’t until I was an adult photographer that I hazarded a trip up to our northern Michigan National Lakeshore landmark in the depths of Winter. I was confident it would be awesome and I wasn’t disappointed. Driving north on Route 22 from the little town of Empire I turned left onto South Dune Highway and soon could see Glen Lake to my right and Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes to my left. The Visitors Bureau is officially closed in Winter and so I parked my Cherokee at the side of the road and proceeded on foot along Hunter Road to the base of the mountainous dunes. Ahead of me was the leeward side of the dunes and as such they are steep. Part way up I saw an ominous sign that read “Avalanches Stay Off”. I noticed that there were other brave souls already on the dunes and so I figured it was safe to climb.

With Linhof camera on Gitzo tripod and a 35 pound Domke camera bag the climb up the dune was a challenge. Flat, and with small undulating hills punctuated by the occasional tuft of intrepid dune grass, the top of the dunes resemble the high desert plains of the southwest. As if trying to brave the frigid gale winds of nearby Lake Michigan, the sandy hills had solidified into rows of spiny ridges with the top of the hill resembling a marble cake with layer upon layer of sand and ice. In the distance the luminous midday sun lit a gently sloping bank upon which a barren stand of trees proudly stood. I moved my gloveless hands frantically over tilt and swing controls and finally turned the aperture ring to F22. The wind chill was well below zero. I snapped off but two 4 X 5 exposures and quickly donned my Baxter gloves to venture off in search of another Sleeping Bear winterscape.

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Sault Ste. Marie International Railroad Bridge

international railroad bridge, sault ste. marie, ontario / michigan

international railroad bridge, sault ste. marie, ontario / michigan, photo by twurdemann

The Library of Congress page on the Sault Ste. Marie International Railroad Bridge that spans the Soo Locks from Michigan to Canada at St. Marys Falls explains that:

The Sault Ste. Marie International Railroad Bridge has nine camelback truss spans crossing the St. Marys River with bascule and vertical lift bridge components crossing the American Locks at the St. Marys Falls Canal. It is the only bridge in the United States known to include these three types of spans in a single structure to use an interlocking mechanism to connect the leaves of the double-leaf bascule span.

It is Michigan’s most significant railroad bridge from an engineering history standpoint and is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Click through for some great old photos of the bridge and explore the various sections through Historic Bridges.

Check this photo out on black and see more great shots in twurdemann’s Sault Ste. Marie 2012-2013 slideshow.

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Bond Falls in black & white

Bond Falls

Bond Falls, photo by wingsfan1705

Michigan in Pictures has a number of photos from Bond Falls, but there’s always room for one more. ;)

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