Stay warm, Crocuses

Crocuses by Brooke Pennington

Crocuses by Brooke Pennington

You might think that after thousands of years of coming up too soon and getting frozen, the crocus family would have had a little sense knocked into it. 
-Robert Benchley

With a cold weekend ahead, I can’t help think about the bold crocuses. Stay warm, my purple pals!!

I’ve shared this stunning shot by Brooke before, and when it came up in my memories I had to share it again! More from Brooke on Flickr.

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Pebble with a view

Pebble on the beach by Mark Swanson

Pebble on the beach by Mark Swanson

I don’t know the technical term for the process that creates these pebbles on pedestals on sandy beaches in the winter, but I do know I love it!

Mark took this photo last week on Silver Beach in St. Joseph. See more in his 2022 gallery on Flickr.

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Bees Working

Bees Working by Brooke Pennington

Untitled by Brooke Pennington

Here’s stunning shot from way back in 2008 that I’ve featured before. Check out Brooke’s Spring gallery on Flickr for more!

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Say you will

Say you will, photo by Brian Wolfe

Brian took this back in April of 2009 and shared some thoughts that I think all photographers (and people) would do well to consider:

This weekend I resolved to wake up for the dawn. With the days growing longer and the sun rising earlier, it will only get more difficult the longer I put it off. I was hoping for some brilliant cloud pattern to reflect amazing colors but like what happens so often, it was just (what I like to call) bland. This kind of killed my energy and I felt like I would rather have slept-in. Instead of turning for home, I expanded my perception of my surroundings, opened my eyes, and came up with some great stuff (I think so anyway).

View the photo background bigilicious, see more in Brian’s The Top Thirty slideshow, and definitely follow Brian on Instagram!

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Paging Spring

Crocus bokeh

Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington

Come on Spring, we know you’re out there.

View the photo bigger, view & purchase photos at, and definitely check out more in Brooke’s slideshow.

Get growing.

Apple Tree Budding by Kim Nixon

Apple Tree Budding, photo by Kim Nixon

Kim took this on April 1, 2012. View it bigger on Flickr and see more in her April 2012 slideshow that includes photos from the Yellow Dog River and some of the coolest clouds ever!

Bring on the Spring!


Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington

Brooke has our yearly dose of spring bokeh. Drink deep and wash those winter blues away!

View his photo bigger and see more in his slideshow.

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Spring Bokeh


Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington

I refuse to give the ice storm that’s outside my door any power.

Brooke takes some great shots of flowers – check this out on black, see more in his slideshow or here on Michigan in Pictures.

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