Ice curtains at Grand Island

Ice Curtains at Grand Island

Grand Island Ice Curtains, photo by Neil Weaver Photography

Neil says that seeing these in person was such an awesome experience. View the photo background bigtacular on his Facebook page, purchase a print right here, and check out lots more icy goodness at

Except for a tiny sliver, the entirety of this Lake Superior island just off Munising is open for public access as the Grand Island National Recreation Area​. You will definitely want to check with locals regarding ice conditions. With a warming week of weather ahead, this is probably something to put on your 2016 agenda.

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Paradise is the nickname of this place

Paradise is the nickname of this place

Paradise is the nickname of this place, photo by Shawn Stockman Lightseeker

Shawn says she crawled into this cave on Lake Superior when it was warm this summer.

View it bigger on Facebook and see more of her work at Lake Superior Photo … but don’t bother asking her where it is because she’s not telling … or me, because I don’t know!