Executive level in downtown Detroit


Executive Level in the city of Detroit, photo by Dan Frei Photo

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Imported from Detroit … and from old media

Imported from Detroit by NightFox Photography

Imported from Detroit, photo by Cory Smith/NightFox Photography

I flagged today’s photo a while back as one to feature on Michigan in Pictures. Cory shared it in 2010 with the tagline of the very successful Chrysler ad “Imported from Detroit”. You may remember that ad featured Detroit’s own Eminem along with scenes of the city at work. This morning I shared “Anthem of Us” directed by Stephen McGee. It’s a powerful short film about Detroit featuring hip hop artist Big Sean talking about his city along with beautiful footage of the Motor City at work.

The film is presented by Bedrock, a commercial real estate company focusing on the Midwest’s urban cores, and we will likely see more and more features like this as brands forsake traditional and increasingly ineffective media channels for direct, social media connection with their audiences. I want to stress that it doesn’t seem at all like a re-hash or rip-off of the Chrysler ad, and in my opinion it does a better job of capturing the city as it goes about its business.

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…and here’s that Imported from Detroit commercial just in case you were wanting it.

October Vibes in le détroit du Lac Érie

October Vibes by Camera Jesus

October Vibes, photo by Camera Jesus

Simply spectacular view of the city of Detroit.

The name of Detroit comes from “le détroit du Lac Érie” – French for the Straits of Lake Erie and referring to the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair that link Erie with Lake Huron. Wikipedia has a pretty nice writeup on the Detroit River:

The Detroit River flows for 24 nautical miles (44 km; 28 mi) from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie. By definition, this classifies it as both a river and a strait — a strait being a narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water, which is how the river earned its name from early French settlers. However, today, the Detroit River is rarely referred to as a strait, because bodies of water referred to as straits are typically much wider.

The Detroit River is only 0.5 to 2.5 miles (0.80 to 4.02 km) wide. The Detroit River starts on an east to west flow but then bends and runs north to south. The deepest portion of the Detroit River is 53 feet (16 m) deep in the northern portion of the river. At its source, the river is at an elevation of 574 feet (175 m) above sea level. The river drops only three feet before entering into Lake Erie at 571 feet (174 m). As the river contains no dams and no locks, it is easily navigable by even the smallest of vessels. The watershed basin for the Detroit River is approximately 700 square miles (1,800 km2).

Since the river is fairly short, it has few tributaries. Its largest tributary is the River Rouge in Michigan, which is actually four times longer than the Detroit River and contains most of the basin. The only other major American tributary to the Detroit River is the much smaller Ecorse River. Tributaries on the Canadian side include Little Creek and the River Canard. The discharge for the Detroit River is relatively high for a river of its size. The river’s average discharge is approximately 188,000 cubic feet per second (5,324 m³/s), and the river’s flow is constant.

Check out Detroit 1701 for a bit of the river’s history and also be sure to support the Friends of the Detroit River who are doing great work to restore this corridor.

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The Beacon

Beacon Detroit

The Beacon, photo by Lou Peeples

Gorgeous shot of the Motor City from Lou. View it bigger, see lots more of his Detroit photos on Flickr and also check his work out at pointephotography.net.

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Don’t look back, winter might be gaining on you


Untitled, photo by JerryPHD

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Clouds over Grand Rapids


Untitled, photo by photofrenzy2000

An amazing shot of Michigan’s second largest city.

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city, photo by buckshot.jones

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Superior Light Show

Superior Light Show_1283

Superior Light Show_1283, photo by Mike Hainstock

Light shows in the UP are typically of the Northern Lights variety, but Mike has captured a stunning view that I think is the lights of Baraga as seen from L’Anse though  it could be the other way around. Update – Mike comments below that it is L’Anse from Baraga. 

In any case, it’s awesome. Be sure to check this out on black and see more in Mike’s slideshow.

PS: Nice matching shot for Thursday’s photo too!

Detroit Panorama: City Lights Mix

Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI, photo by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)

Jason put this photo together from about a dozen HDR images taken from a large park in Windsor. He notes that if you make the trek across the Detroit River, the Tunnel BBQ in Windsor is tasty and affordable.

For a real treat, view his photo background bigtacular and see more in his Detroit & Michigan slideshow.

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